🌿 good vibes seeker β€’ former wdw cm 🐭 β€’ adventurer β€’ foodie β€’ gamer β€’ nerdy lifestyle blogger πŸ—£β€’ sometimes talks in emoji’s πŸ‘€

Welcome to one of the many spots of mine on the web! I’ve been blogging since 1999, reviewing since 2009 and now I’m using my love of blogging to talk about something super important to me β€” mental health.

I’m a Californian turned Floridian and somehow found myself in Texas (but I will never be a Texan). A second generation Filipino American who can speak and understand Tagalog, Cebuano and self taught French (thanks Duolingo)! On my free time I enjoy tickling my daughter, taking product shots, finding new places to eat, reading, gaming, and shopping! My obsession’s include anything Wizard of Oz, Star Wars and Disney.

A former Walt Disney World Cast Member, Baking & Pastry major, book reviewer, YouTuber. A Full Sail University graduate in Social Media and a current (forever) Communications major at University of Phoenix.

Currently this blog has a posting schedule of 3 times a week, unless something super personal comes up that probably will just be a purely word vomit post.

Join me in my journey of rediscovering myself, or just babbling.

I also run a food blog, a review blog, a motherhood blog and a blog with my bff.

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