Blogmas ’22 | Disney Springs Review: Everglazed Donuts

In the last 10 years Disney Springs has gone through a lot of changes. A lot of new and interesting places have opened up and honestly, I’m thankful they weren’t around when I was still working there otherwise there goes my paycheck… along with all the fucks I gave.

Everglazed Donuts is located on the West Side area of Disney Springs, right next to the AMC theater.

Their set up is a lot like Dunkin Donuts with the way that the donuts are displayed. They have a bunch of unique flavors including Purple Glazed Ube which I was super surprised to see!

They also have a food (and coffee) menu that features a donut burger and chicken sandwich. When I lived in Florida there was a place that had this pretty amazing donut burger. I wasn’t able to try it this time around, but I do plan on trying it next time!

I grabbed 4 of the donuts which are freakin huge:

Glazed, 50th Anniversary, Ube & Strawberry with Sprinkles

I was expecting them to be placed in a donut box but as you can see, they’re in individual containers.

I have a certain type of Glazed donut I like and it’s usually from smaller shops. This thing was amazing. It had just the right amount of glaze to where it wasn’t overly sweet and the donut itself was fluffy, light and satisfying.

The 50th Anniversary was like most other 50th Anniversary snacks around property. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty aesthetically pleasing. However, nothing really groundbreaking. The dallop on top is buttercream and not whipped cream in case anyone thinks it is (like my 3 year old did… and was very sad lol).

The Ube donut was the one I was the most curious about. I’m not a huge fan of Ube to begin with. I know, how un-Filipino of me but I just never got the hype. I’m more of a Mango and Durian girl. I guess it’s mostly the texture of Ube foods that I don’t really like. I have noticed that Ube has been getting a lot more attention lately and that’s awesome.

The texture of this donut was a little different. I felt like it was a bit more dense than the others. The sugar crystals on top was a nice addition to the texture.

Strawberry frosted with sprinkles was eh. Probably my least favorite of the set we tried. It had an average taste and texture. We got it mostly for the kid but she wasn’t interested in it for once.

I had so much fun trying these and finally being able to try this place out! If you’re in the Disney Springs area at Walt Disney World, I highly suggest you take a peek at what they offer!

And unlike the bake shop this isn’t an all day long line to get in lol.

Have you tried Everglazed?

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