Monthly Favs | Nov 2022

This year has been crazy. And by crazy I mean crazy.

The way the year began and the way it’s ending are totally different. As someone who thought they had learned a lot from past experiences, I still had a lot more to learn. I have learned a lot more.

There’s so much more I want to say… but I really don’t know how just yet. I’m trying to go back to focusing on the things that make me happy and feel gratitude.

| Family Dates

We started going on family dates. Well we would go out to lunch and it was Tums who would call it a family date. Super cute, right? I forgot that date nights usually meant date night gifts. Every time Bubba took me on an actual date night there would always be a gift waiting for me.

He also got me this self help book I wanted by Lin – Manuel Miranda literally ran into B&N 3 minutes before they closed and grabbed me this book because I was talking about it earlier that day. Super thoughtful.

| Comfort Foods

I was able to get L&L which is like an hour away. Not too far but far enough. They serve Tocino which is a Filipino breakfast plate (and one of my favs) so I got an order of that to go. Did I pick at it before sticking it in the fridge for the next day? HELL YEAH. Also got one of my fav L&L plates, the BBQ Chicken. I use to get this every single day after school. Oh the memories…

Upside to being married to someone who’s Mexican? Requesting things like Elote and Caldo when you’re in need of some soul comfort food. I love the way he makes Elote. It’s always so warm and comforting. I also love that requesting Caldo doesn’t get questioned.

Strawberry pancakes with whipped cream and strawberry sauce; “you two are the only people who will make pancakes a dessert and want it for breakfast”. Me and Tums do fight over them though lol.

| Night time hand holding

She’s been doing this since she was an infant. I love when she reaches for my hand. And especially when she’s falling asleep. It’s the cutest thing that will never fail to warm my heart.

I hope you never stop wanting to hold my hand.

| Ice cream picnics

I’m not sure if Tums likes ice cream or just sprinkles.

Sometimes I think it’s a bit of both. But this Rocky Road + sprinkles really hit the spot for me… I might have to make myself some later tonight.

| Disney trips

We took Tums to Disney for Christmas. She kept mentioning that she wanted to “ride the horses at Disney” again (the carousel) + she’s at the age where she can identify characters and retain memories. So we took her.

I finally got to see Galaxy’s Edge after skipping it my last 3 Disney trips (2 Disney World and 1 Disneyland). It was pretty much everything I thought it would be. I wish I had more time/energy to just get lost and find cool little details. Tums was ironically an inch or two too short for Star Tours but she was able to get on Smugglers Run with her dad?! Weird. She said she really enjoyed the ride!

These new Magic Band + for Disney World are both cool and annoying. Annoying when it goes off for no reason. Took like 2 days for us to realize that every time we passed a gold figure for the 50th anniversary it would go off. It went off during Harmonious and that was pretty cool. Harmonious itself is also going on my favs list for this month… yes, over the new Fantasmic show. That’s a thing.

My little chef. I wish I had gotten my chef jackets from my moms when I was there! But I don’t know where the rest of my culinary clothes are. But how cool would it be to show Tums some day? Especially because it has my name on it lol.

The majority of the trip we had matching family outfits — but it was a lot hotter than we anticipated so the only person who was still wearing theirs was Tums. Besides the last day, we at least dressed ok for that day but we didn’t take any fam pics since it was just a chill Disney Springs day. However this photo of Tums and her dad was a moment of surreal-ness for me.

My first DCP (Disney College Program) in 2011 was on the West Side. I worked in Disney Quest (and hated my life, I can still smell that shop) and so we spent a lot of time answering questions about Cirque. I hated kids back then. Like SUPER HATED kids. It was crazy to see my kid run around the Cirque courtyard. Never did I ever think!

| Fav Disney snacks

Earl’s because it has such a special place in my heart. And of course the Holiday Sandwich is perfection. They did get rid of my Hawaiian sandwich and I’m so heartbroken about that! The Canonballs one isn’t so bad but it’s not Hawaiian, that’s for sure!

The Ganachary is one of my favorite chocolate shops, ever! The Orange truffle and Caramel Fleur de Sel being some of my 2 favorite flavors as well. This chocolate is so smooth and creamy.

The bakery in Paris Pavillion at EPCOT. This Raspberry Macaron and Lobster Bisque has been my go to for years. Def my EPCOT comfort food. Along with the Udon and the Beef + rice plate in Japan.

We tried to do as much of the Food & Wine as we could but mannn… it got to be a lot by the time we hit Japan. I skipped the food in Japan which I low key regret but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t pass up France though. Never ever!

| Just… this

6 years ago Bubba and I went to Disney World together for the first time for my birthday. We went to this Disney Jr dance party thing, it was pretty cute. It wasn’t as interactive as the one at Disney California Adventure. But that was before Tums was even a thought. Bringing her here and watching how excited she was to dance and pop bubbles was amazing. It was another one of those surreal moment things. We’re so glad she had so much fun.

| Pin Trading

I use to LOVE pin trading. But over the years the price got way up there. One thing I can’t pass up is villains and these Mickey head pins. I did manage to get 1 I wanted lol.

| My favorite girl

I can’t even tell you how long it’s been since I got to see the dragon and breathe out fire. It was such a nice thing to witness again. FoF in general was so nice to me around. Waving at the characters with my daughter and singing and dancing with her was something next level, for sure.

| Kylo Ren

I have such a love/hate relationship with Kylo.

But this intro was just too damn extra, even for Disney. Had it been Vader then maybe, but Kylo? Really? Then shortly after I see Rey and Chewy just casually walking around lol.

Most of my favs for November were at Disney. I’m so glad I was able to go home, even for just a few days.

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