Hello September

It’s iced coffee, cold brew, leggings all day, oversized sweaters and beanie weather.

If you know… you didn’t live in TX or FL.

Is that going to stop me? Hewl nah it’s not. I wait all year for this time of the year!

I’ve been SUPER inconsistent with my blogging and managing my business this year. I’m trying to give myself some grace considering all the other things that happened this year… and it’s a lot. I wish I could write about it cause I could really use some shadow work on some of this shit. But that’s going to have to go somewhere a little more private. I feel like I went from finding a solid potential balance late last year to completely destroying that myself this year. I am thankful however — very thankful — that my soon to be ex husband is understanding in the fact that I really want my time to myself. I never have to explain why I do, he doesn’t question it, he just knows I need it from time to time. So I’m endlessly thankful that he’s trying to make this divorce work in my favor. Possibly more in mine than in his. He’s not a bad person, deep down, we just weren’t right for each other. And that too is okay. Tums is loved by so many people and she has more than one place to call home. That’s all that matters.

We’re in the last quarter of 2022. That’s insane to think about. But it also makes me think what do I want to accomplish in these last few months of 2022.

I don’t really know lolol. I mean I have some goals but like I don’t have some solid plan. I figure I winged this year, I’ll just wing the rest of it. Sometimes the best things happen when you don’t plan them.

Work on my annual October Reading Challenge

I’ve SLACKKKKKED attacked on my reading goal this year. I think I’ve only read like one? Maybe two? Books so far this year. Yikes. Even on my worst years I’ve read more than that. I always look forward to my October Reading Challenge every year even if the last few years have been a bit of a fail. It does help me get in the spooky (well for me spoopy) mood. It’s more so something cozy I do for myself. I’m excited to put the list together this year but also worried I may be a bit too over ambitious. We’ll see.

Finish custody paperwork

I’m thankful for how smoothly this is going and I really hope this arrangement stays this smoothly. There are things and events in your life that make you sit back and realize things. I’m not usually one to regret anything so I don’t regret filing for the divorce, at all. It of course has its own challenges when it comes to Tums, but I’m in a much better place now to be a better mom for her. And ultimately isn’t that the whole point? Her dad is being as supportive as he can be and like I said, I’m thankful for that. He knows how hard my life is as it is.

Open TAW shop

I have plans of opening another shop. I’ve thought about this for awhile, I just couldn’t think of a really good name. But one finally came to me and I’m excited to start it up and work on products with a more darker twist. Pretty much a bit closer to who I am IRL lol. I just really didn’t feel like some of the things I wanted to make fit into PPC and that’s fine. I want freedom to be as dark and as snarky as I want to be.

PPC Fall collection

I’m a little late on this and I’m aware of it… but I want to release most of the PPC Fall/Halloween stuff before the 20th of this month. I have a lot to get to work on in order for that to happen. I probably won’t be able to outsource as many stickers as I had planned to but that doesn’t mean I can’t plan to do better for December.

Finish EndWalker MSQ

I’m SO sad I can’t do the island sanctuary since I didn’t finish EW MSQ! I’m stuck on the damn Thancred duty. I mean it’s not hard, I think I just get impatient. I also need to unlock the new raids. It just sucks low key when you don’t have friends to play with any more. I don’t typically get lonely but after years of having people to play with and suddenly not… it’s a little… different.

Get a Cricut Mug Press

I really want to start doing something with my beer can glasses. I figured I’d do things the manual way but then I saw you can use the Cricut Mug Press to get it done too. And I already had my eye on getting one to make my mugs in house versus outsourcing them. Mostly because I want to control the packaging myself, honestly. I would love to eventually move most of my stock in house though at some point.

That’s pretty much all I got in hopes to happen/get done in September. It’s still a pretty time consuming list but I’m happy to get back to work.

What is something you’re hoping to get done this month?

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