Brain Dump | At it again with this ish…

I’m craving a Tootsie Pop… and not even a flavor I typically reach for.

I know I said I wouldn’t do another one of these after the last one, but it seems like life had other plans for my time.

There’s a lot I still can’t say so I don’t know why I’m even writing this since it’s probably going to be pointless and cryptic… I guess to let you guys (who still read this) know I’m still here. Just not… here.

I can’t believe August is already over and Fall is right around the corner. I’m hoping to beat nausea soon so I can enjoy all the Fall snacks. It’s looking like this last part of 2022 isn’t going to fall into the places I had hoped it would… but maybe this is just a sign. I’m taking it as a sign at least and not calling this a loss. It’s just… on back order for lack of better phrase.

I’ll be compiling my annual October Reading Challenge list next month and hopefully get through some of the books as well. My GoodReads goal for this year might not be met but it’s okay, I didn’t have much time or energy to dedicate into reading as much as I had hoped to. It’s already the end of Aug and I’ve only read 1 book. But it’s okay! A lot of things happened this year that took priority. That are valid priorities. And that’s just life. Maybe I’ll catch up with this challenge like I usually do… but if I don’t, I won’t be disappointed in myself either.

Tums started daycare where they school prep them too. I think that’s pretty cool. Her dad has been doing a really great job at handling her medical stuff and putting in applications to pre-k for her. His help has taken so much off of me. I’m thankful for the civil relationship we have in order to make sure Tums has the best interests. She’s doing pretty well with the concept of “mommy’s house” and “daddy’s house”. I do FaceTime her almost every night… if anything to at least say good night. So it’s been a very chill transition and I’m SUPER thankful.

I’ve learned when it comes to YOUR children and YOUR family situation people will have opinions when they have no right to really have any to begin with. And trying to learn how to handle that and them is such a challenge.

There have been a ton of challenges in my life right now. Some that I’m having to endure alone and others where I have some of the most amazing support I could have ever hoped for. I’m so glad I’m use to dealing with shit alone other wise I’d be pretty pissed right now lol. I’m noticing a lot of men like to say things and not DO them. Like sir, what are your empty words going to do for me exactly? Like my cousin says: put up or shut up.

I hope you’re all doing well. I have a few blog posts drafted, I’m hoping to finish them this week. Send good thoughts that I actually do. I miss blogging and being here so much.

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