Monthly Favs | June 2022

I miss doing these posts and YouTube videos. It’s always nice to look back and see what your favorite things were throughout the year. I don’t think I discovered much “new” stuff in June, but I know I had a lot of favorites. Let’s jump right into it… before I get distracted lol.

Most of the list consists of food but you know what. That’s fine. We’re here for the foodie pics lol.

Red Bull

I definitely ended up kick starting my obsession with energy drinks again. But this time with Red Bull. Energy drinks usually don’t do anything for me but lately these have made me feel like I can do all the things. And it makes me want to do all the things. It’s just drinking it at 3am to game all night is not the move. I’m getting old ya’ll.

Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher

While we’re on the subject of drinks; let’s talk about this one. The Starbucks near me never has Oatmilk for my Brown Sugar Oatmilk Espresso and I got tired of trying to come up with alternative coffee drinks cause they just didn’t hit the same. So I opted for this. My cousin had one when he took me out to dinner last time I was home but I didn’t try it. I’m glad I didn’t because this stuff is addicting! It’s so tart and refreshing. Plus it’s a pretty pink color. I do wish Starbucks would bring back the orange refresher they had when they started all these refresher drinks!

Fruit Addict from Bambu

This is like a Halo Halo but like… better. Idk, I’m not crazy about Halo Halo or Ube so it might just be me lol. My BFF got this and as always had me try it. I was hooked. And I also might had ate all his Coconut and Jackfruit. I forgot how much I love Jackfruit. This has other stuff in it like fresh young Coconut, Jello… swimming in crushed ice and Condensed Milk. Let’s just say the next time we went he got me my own lolol. That’s what he gets for sharing all his food with me.

Bling Empire

My cousin is constantly suggesting TV shows to me and this is the latest one: Bling Empire. It’s like if Crazy Rich Asians had a reality show. I haven’t even finished the first episode yet because I’ve been distracted by everything else… but it’s so freakin interesting! Oh and healthy eating. I forgot how much I love Tropical Smoothie Cafe food!

“Are we having a picnic mommy?”

Lazy days gaming with my bebe has been a favorite of mine this summer. And when she asks if we’re having a picnic cause I put a blanket down and some snacks, it makes the whole experience that much better.


It’s Peony and Cherry season! My favorite season! So of course I had to grab some of both! These bloomed so beautifully. I wish they were year round. I wish Cherries were too. But I guess it gives me something to look forward to every summer!

There’s my short list of June favs for 2022. I use to really hate summer and summer months but living somewhere other than CA has really changed the way I feel about summer and I think that’s pretty amazing.

What were some of your favorite things in June?

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