Gaming; PlayStation 5 & Jumping on FFXIV

After a crap long time of searching, I finally got my hands on a PS5 and I’m so excited!

I called a bunch of Best Buy’s in my city searching for one and my BFF bought me one for my birthday. Well he offered to since he’s trying to get me to get back on FFXIV for some odd reason; so I went searching for one and he literally didn’t even hesitate to get it for me. Along with a purple controller. I’m freaking in love with this console! Everything is so much faster, clearer and runs smoother.

I teleported to Limsa just to see what the lag would be like, there wasn’t any. For the first time ever people weren’t loading in, they were just.. there. It was insane.

There are so many new features to the PS5 that are dope as hell. One being how easy it is to start streaming. Granted, there isn’t a webcam and you’ll need one specific to the PlayStation, but the ease of hitting broadcast and filling out your streaming info is so much easier than it was on the PS4, not just that but it doesn’t lag or get in the way of your game. Taking screenshots is a bit different and there are so many more options including being able to record your game play. But sharing to a profile after taking a screenshot is so much easier and faster! I love it!

I had a super bad migraine day (thankfully before Tums had her week with me) so I stayed in bed playing FFXIV and eating Zuppa Toscana soup. There’s not much Zuppa can’t fix when it comes to me honestly and this was such a comforting warm eat. It was perfect for my sick day.

I love how my OCD seems to settle down a bit when I live alone, it’s such a breath of fresh air honestly.

My toxic FFXIV trait?

I haaaaate doing quests and I hate doing MSQ even more. I think it was from me grinding from ARR to HW in a matter of 2 days because I was SO determined to get to Foundation. It was a cool accomplishment but still, it was a very long grind. I cried a few times. But I also think if I made it through SB and its boring ass story line, I can make it through anything. I love the ShadowBringers story but the dungeons just.. idk, I guess cause I’m a healer? I’m a little more worried/scared and since people get mad if you don’t know the fight on your first run.

Or maybe I’m just over thinking this? Idk.

With that said; I haven’t finished the ShadowBringers story. I haven’t made it to End Walker yet. But my Botanist is almost 89 and my Weaver is 84. Because you know… it’s the gather, crafting and money making for me.

Speaking of, my friend Becca tried to help me get a house in Ishgard and even though it was just between me and one other person, I didn’t get the house. I get how the lottery system is suppose to make things “more fair” but it still just kind of sucks. I heard people were losing to the number 0. So that’s weird.

The quest for a house continues.

Until then I’ll work on getting my money and my crafters up.

I’ll get to End Walker eventually… I really hoping eventually turns in to soon.

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