Recap 2021; Best Of

The Best Of 2021. There’s a ton of things I stumbled on this year that I loved and there’s a few things I know I’m missing. I typically make one of these every year but I don’t really blog about them, I just post them on IG or something. But this year I wanted to recap a few things and a few favorites I had. 2021 was such a weird year I’m sure for a lot of us. We finally got to taste a bit of freedom again. And man did that feel so good!


I admit, I didn’t get to read as many books or see as many movies as I had hoped to. I did manage to finally see Hamilton and even though I knew most of the songs already before watching it, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. The soundtrack has been playing nonstop in my head and in my life daily since like October. I did catch a bit of the movie my friend Nicolas Dromard (he was the SF Fiyero a few years back) is in! It’s on the Hallmark Channel. I had hoped to watch more Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel and just in general but that didn’t really work out. I get pretty much just one day a week to myself where no one bothers me and I’m always aware of how fast that day goes.

As for tv shows there were a few I had wanted to get to. I did binge Schitt’s Creek. I’m currently on the last 2 episodes and I don’t want it to end honestly. That show was everything I didn’t know I needed in my life. Seriously. I am *IN LOVE* with that show. Other than that, Tums was on an all Bluey kick for a good few months. And for a “kids” show there’s some really valuable advice for parents in those episodes. But I truly believe everyone needs a dad like Bandit. He’s parenting goals, foreal.

I’m going to make a totally different post about all the favorite music I had, I put down You Got It by Vedo since it was one I was listening to pretty much all year. But there are a few others that were also on constant repeat all year.

I didn’t hit my goal of 25 books in 2021 but I did manage to finish The Cassidy Blake series and for a middle grade it’s so good. If you’re into historical fiction and quirky characters, I’d def recommend! My favorite of the series has to be Tunnels of Bones because it takes place in France and the history behind things I didn’t know about Paris was so fascinating! I had messaged my friend who was born and raised in France (who I worked with at Disney) if things were true. I would also live message him while watching Emily in Paris which I never finished. I should though, at some point.

While I bought a ton of new games, I didn’t really play much of them. I started playing Stardew Valley and it is a lot more demanding than Animal Crossing, and the opening tutorial for SDV can get a little confusing. Plus the graphics are really something I need to get use to. I have been religiously playing a game called Solitaire Farm on my Galaxy Tab. It’s such a cute game where you can unlock new items to upgrade your farm with and the challenges are actually really fun to complete! I should write about it some day. I really miss playing games and new games, I really want to make more time to do that in 2022.


I managed to try a bit of new food in 2021 and some that I ended up just loving. One being Brown Sugar Boba and the Brown Sugar Oatmilk Espresso at Starbucks. Another being Costco brand food like their Almond Croissants, the Shrimp Won Ton soup, the Udon soup, their Orange Juice, and just a bunch of other snacks and foods I’ve tried. I don’t know why I never thought to go there more. And of course, Costco Hot Dogs are always going to have a special place in my heart.

I finally got to go to Universal Studios so there was a lot of newness for me there. I got to eat Green Eggs & Ham as well as finally try the chocolate factory (that place is amazing). We had reservations for breakfast at Harry Potter land but we still had to wait in a queue for over an hour. Not sure how that even works. The food at the hotel was also really really good! I still need to make a post about that trip lol.

As far as my go to in 2021 it was between La Madeleine and Chinese food. So glad to finally find a decent Chinese food place in Texas. That isn’t fusion of some sort!


This one… has a lot. First of all I got to spend my Disney birthday trip with my BFF who I haven’t seen in over 12 years. I missed her so much, I miss her right now actually. We had SO much fun on that trip! I finally got to go back to Disney for my birthday. It was SO good to be home.

I launched my Etsy shop and the whole process was.. a lot. It’s still a bit of a lot. There’s a lot of learning to be done when you open a business and you have to find creative ways to run both a business and a household. But it’s been so much fun and I’ve enjoyed watching my shop grow. I’m so lucky to have the awesome and supportive friends I have. They made my launch so much better.

I also finally got to go to Universal Studios! Sadly Magic Kingdom wasn’t as Christmasy as I had hoped… but EPCOT was! We did 1 day at Disney Springs, 1 day at Disney Parks (Magic Kingdom & EPCOT), 1 day at Universal and 1 day at City Walk. I think I had the most fun at Universal and I got to spend it with my friend Angely! Which made it that much better!

Rebuilding close friendships was also a thing that happened in 2021 and I’m SO thankful for it; the insane support I’ve gotten from friends have been overwhelming in such a good way. I’m so lucky to have the people I have in my life and even after 20+ years their support and love still mean the world to me. So thank you, to those who have had my back from the jump. Thank you to my kuya for keeping me company, listening to me ramble and vent and gaming with me. For the record you’ve always made sure I was okay and if I wasn’t you’d sing me to sleep or fall asleep on the phone with me since we were kids. I’m so thankful you’re still in my life and I’m so thankful for all the ways you care about me.


Small Business Instagram is something awesome I discovered in 2021 as well as small business Twitter. Both communities are amazing and supportive. And there are SO many creative people out there! Speaking of small business discovering Alibaba has been such an interesting thing. Realizing the power and reach of TikTok was also something I discovered. I wish I was quirky enough to make more TikTok videos but I get like 3 awesome idea’s and I go blank lol.

The Canva app has been a huge thing in 2021 for me. Everything from my blog related insta-stories to my pins and blog graphics. I love scrolling through their pre-made templates as well! There is always so many awesome and creative things to discover on Canva!

Oatmilk. That’s it. That’s the whole thought. Kidding. Oatmilk IN coffee has been such a game changer for me! Especially since regular milk + coffee messes me up big time. It’s so nice to find a yummy drink with a yummy milk alternative! I’m hooked. Like I mentioned before, Costco food. Has been one of my favorite discoveries. It makes grocery shopping for the week SO MUCH EASIER. Brown Sugar Boba is also a new love of mine. I usually like Oolong Milk Tea but I’ve def switched to any boba that has Brown Sugar! No idea why it took me so long to discover this!

CRAB BOIL is something I tried to make a monthly thing as a form of “self care” as well as getting a massage. Both of these things were GAME CHANGERS in 2021. I really want to go and get another massage. I went to a really super tranquil spa and it was amazing. I also got a hair oil treatment that I wasn’t too crazy about. It didn’t do much for my headaches or make me any more relaxed. I really want to try another add on next time though! I’ve tried a handful of crab boil places around me and I have some favs. It’s been super fun trying all of these places!

This isn’t new new but audiobooks. I managed to read as many books as I did this year because of the audiobooks from Scribd. People sleep on Scribd, foreal. I love that app for books and audiobooks. Their database is HUGE. And it beats having to buy books when even ebook prices are rising! I was hooked on a VS body spray over the summer that has notes of apricot and coconut milk. I’m not sure if they’ll ever come back out with it again and I’m down to like… half a bottle so I’m trying to hold on to it. I really hope it comes out again! I got SO many compliments every time I wore it! It’s crazy how some body sprays are stronger than others. But that one, while fruity, also has a super soft baby powder like floral scent to it as well!

Small Shops

I have a ton of favorite small shops! I think I’ll make another post for that as well. But right now I’m going to mention the two small shops I tend to buy from the most. Honey Soda Co is a wax melt Etsy shop that has the most unique wax melts scents. They also have Disney inspired scents from time to time and I wrote about how they are now part of my holiday routine. The owner is the sweetest person in the world and I love the conversations we have from time to time! Check them out if you’re into well made wax melts! Another is Unicorn.Eclipse do I need washi tape? No, not really. Will I buy it cause it’s cute? HELL YES. Unicorn.Eclipse has the cutest art and aesthetic to their products. I’m in love with the art style!

Patreon has been something I’ve been obsessed with! I follow and sub to some of the most creative and cheerful people! I just love scrolling through my Patreon feed. And I love seeing these small business grow and thrive as the time goes on. It’s so cool to see! I really wanted to start my own Patreon sticker club but man, you gotta like… plan that stuff months in advanced if you’re going to have them outsourced! At this point I’m too late for Lunar New Year unless I make them in house. So maybe I’ll start with Valentines Day or give myself even more time and start for Easter. I would really like to start my sticker club this year!

I feel like I’m forgetting a ton of stuff! But these are things coming to mind atm.

What were some of your best of 2021?

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