Brain Dump | HORRID By Katrina Leno

Is this a review? No.

Does this have spoilers? YES.

So if you haven’t read/are reading/don’t want to read spoilers then skip this post!

I just finished Horrid. Skipped my nap for it. But I had to know wtf was happening. Like, it was BUGGING ME. The whole book goes on with everyone in this town knowing a family secret. Everyone BUT Jane. Literally. How everyone just didn’t bring it up when Jane seriously didn’t know wtf anyone was talking about is way beyond me. How her mom kept it from her her WHOLE LIFE and kept lying is beyond me. Way beyond me. I get it, it’s tragic but lady, you pretty much erased it from your life. The lease you could do is freakin tell your daughter the damn truth. I was really hoping with Jane’s anger issues she woulda wrecked Ruth when she found out.

Let’s talk about Ruth and her pathological habit of lying; it seriously annoyed me! But liars really make me mad. Like what was Ruth’s end game here? Hopes that no one told Jane? Hope that Jane would hear it from someone else so she could escape the responsibility of telling Jane herself? WE WILL NEVER KNOW. You know why we’ll never know? Because how can we know ANYTHING Ruth even says is true any more and because the book ends in a very very unsatisfying way. I really don’t know what bothered me more: the fact that Ruth wouldn’t tell Jane how creepy the house is or the fact that she made Jane feel like she was going crazy when she was being fuckin haunted.

Let’s talk about Melanie; What a horrible bitch. Just because your sister is sick doesn’t give you the right to be a horrible person. Esp to someone who just moved into town. I’m so glad Jane kicked the shit out of her. I hate people who wanna act all big and bold and as soon as they get their ass handed to them they wanna shout assault. Shut your ass up. Her anger was so unnecessary. Jane didn’t have shit to do with shit.

Let’s talk about the ghost in the room, literally; I’m really confused about the hints. What was the deal with the marbles. On top of that, why leave all these random hints when Jane knows NOTHING AT ALL. But then the last 20% of the book she starts talking to Jane. Like? Why didn’t you do this from the jump? Not just that but like, what kind of shit was the ending? Like, is the ghost ok? You’re still holding a grudge after 20 years? Her sister did nothing to you. Idk, the whole thing was weird. And did her grandmother know? Deal with it? WHAT? WE NEED ANSWERS.

Let’s talk about Jane; I get she had her own problems… and there were A LOT of those. But I feel like we didn’t really get to KNOW her. When did her habit start? And if it was passed down why didn’t Ruth take the time to check if she was ok? Why didn’t Jane demand more info from Ruth when she started acting funny? WHO IS JANE, period. It was hard to connect with her because I spent most of the book wondering wtf was even going on.

Let’s talk about the plot; Can someone please explain to me what exactly was happening? Between the way the book was pitched and what was actually in it, it didn’t connect in my head. The plot seemed to move at a steady pace of itself but it felt like the characters couldn’t keep up. And it felt like most of the other characters — who’s names I don’t even remember now — added no real substance to the plot. Will could have played a huge part in the plot himself if he wanted to. But the other 2 girls didn’t really seem like they were really NEEDED, if that makes sense.

AND WHY DIDN’T RUTH WAKE UP IN THE LAST 10% OF THE BOOK? I know ghost girl kept saying she wasn’t going to wake up but like, WHAT does that MEAN? So many things didn’t make sense! And did ghost girl haunt Ruth too? I wish we knew more of Ruth’s experience.

And how the hell does an 8 year old ghost know how to and WHO to text? 20 years ago was 2001. We didn’t have keyboards on our phones. We couldn’t even have our phones on before 9pm, let alone be allowed to text. Sooo… how…?


Did you read this? What did you think about the whole thing?

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