Small Business Sunday

Sundays are always my favorite days to dedicate to just blogging; I use to do a weekly recap on my first wordpress blog and I miss doing that but my life isn’t as interesting as it was in college. So I decided to do this instead!

I’ve always loved supporting small businesses. I’ve been buying on Etsy since 2008, my first wedding’s party favors were bought on Etsy. I had so much fun connecting with sellers trying to find the perfect product for my favors. I get super surprised to see some of my favorite shops from back then still up, running and thriving! It’s amazing.

Since opening my own small shop, I’ve been small shopping even more. There are SO MANY talented creative people out in this world! So here are a few I’ve purchased from in the month of September.

The Busy Mama Co

Recently bought the Mind Your Own Motherhood sweater and it’s my fav! Super cozy too!


I snagged the Sailor Moon stickers + pins. I’m also part of her pin club. DO YOU SEE HOW CUTE THIS ART IS?!

Caelon’s Crafts

My buddy Caelon worked with me during our first DCP in 2011; we have a complicated friendship lmao! But I love his sticker shop! Low key inspired me to open my own shop… but it wasn’t meant to be a sticker shop at all. Sort of just turned out that way. So thankful to have his support… even if it’s usually to enable my spending problem… lol

Bloom By Stephanie

I recently grabbed the Crystal Ball sticker! I found her shop on TikTok! I love finding new shops on TikTok and Instagram.

Honey Soda Co

I love HoneySodaCo’s Fall collections! They’re some of my favorite scents. I snagged One Bite for sure! I’m a little scared to cut it up to melt it lol. The shapes are so cute!


I grabbed one of these keychains and I love it! I also grabbed 2 sticker sheets.

Kami Artist Studio

How gorg is this artwork? I might had spent a lot more than I thought I would on the Halloween drop. I regret nothing lol. I can only hope that some day my own art would be this whimsical!

There are SO MANY talented people and artists out there; these aren’t even all of my favs! I really want to start doing small business haul TikTok videos or IG reels… I just haven’t had the time to film them. Otherwise they’d have Bluey in the background playing lol.

Check some of these people out, they’re awesome.

Do you have a favorite small shop?

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