Self Care | First Spa Massage!

Excuse the low quality of the photo; I was trying to be sneaky since there were people around lol

Ok the photo is a bit edited but it was a little more dim than this. There was light snacks and spa water. I didn’t have to wait for very long. Just had to fill out a few forms like contact info and if there was any place on my body I did not want massaged/touched. And what areas did I want them to focus on more.

When I finally got called in, the massage therapist went over the general set up and had me choose an oil scent. I went with their signature scent Honey. The Lavender was also really nice! The massage itself was for an hour + I added a hot oil scalp massage. The massage felt like it went by SO fast. The heated table and all the fluffy blankets made the experience so much more relaxing.

As someone who’s SUPER ticklish, the massage therapist applied enough pressure that I wasn’t ticklish at all! Strange, since I even giggle when I get adjusted. I came in for upper back muscle tension and I can say that now, 4 days later, my shoulders and upper back are not bothering me as much! I also feel much lighter, if that makes sense.

I could had done without the hot oil scalp massage though. It was nice and relaxing but I don’t feel like it added anything more or less overall. Also be warned your hair will be covered in oil when you leave. It didn’t bother me, but every time I touched my hair it did lol. I kept it in a pony tail but when it came time to take the hair tie out, it was ick! I don’t like the feeling of oil on my hands.

After the massage I was handed a glass of spa water (which I actually finished — and I HATE water) and sent back to the locker rooms. I don’t really know why she wrapped my hair in a pillow case after the hot oil scalp treatment but it is what it is.

Everything about this place was super tranquil and relaxing. I definitely enjoyed it. It felt nice to pamper myself for once, I hardly ever do. Literally. I’ve only had one facial prior to this at a spa and that was in 2013. So. I need to do this more often.

I would also highly recommend Milk + Honey. They’re incredibly helpful, respectful and professional.

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