It’s Monday, what are you reading?

| Bridge of Souls by Victoria Schwab
And just like that I’m done with the Cassidy Blake series. I really hope that more will come out because I absolutely enjoyed this series so much! I forget how young all the characters are because they do such amazing critical thinking and they grow so much with the series. Plus, I mean, I’m going to miss Jacob. And Laura. This was also the first series I completely did an audiobook for!

Books to Read;

| Everless
I finally started the Everless book, I’m doing an audio version on Scribd (like I did with the Cassidy Blake series) and so far it’s super interesting. I mean the concept itself is interesting. But I’m really hoping I stick with it and KEEP finding it interesting since dystopia and fantasy don’t seem to be my go to genre’s this year.

| Filipinos in Vallejo
It’s Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month — man that’s long — so in honor of that I’ll be diving into the history of the Philippines. Where I’m “from”, if you’re wondering. I grew up listening to stories about fight between Lapu Lapu and Magellan from my Lolo (grandpa). So imagine when I decided to become an Oceanology major and we were studying land discovery only to hear that Lapu Lapu (where my mom is from btw and I got to visit the beach the fight took place) isn’t a hero in Western Lit. Uh yeah, no. Rewind. Excuse me?

I’m starting here because… curiosity. And because Vallejo is my hometown. Surprise! I’m hood af. But just in real life. Maybe some day I’ll talk about growing up in Vallejo. It’s a lot to unpack… and I mean… a lot.

| From Rufio to Zuko
I mean come on, it’s Dante Basco! RUFIO? BEN FROM THE DEBUT? It’s wild to see a Filipino actor break into the show biz in the 90’s. But somehow, this kid did it. I’m hyped to read this, no joke.

| Stolen Kingdom // Spells Trouble // Black Water Sister
Both of these are titles I want to get through this month from my NetGalley TBR (which needs help, btw). I’ve already started Stolen Kingdom but I haven’t started Spells Trouble, as many times as I’ve hovered over the book cover. I haven’t started Black Water Sister yet either but the publicist just reached out to me and since it is AAPIHM I figured it’ll get me to get this book read. Plus it sounds freakin amazing. I love books about characters who hear things in their head. I mean. Ugh, I’ll explain that some other time.

I know, this is OVERLY ambitious for a week. But the 2 Asian American titles are pretty short. So I’m hoping I get to at least 1 or 2 of the other titles listed this week also. Really. Really hope.

What are you reading this week?

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