Friday Finds

Happy Friday!

I never start a post like that jfc lol.

I told ya’ll I was gonna change the graphic to this weekly feature. Okay anyway.

It’s Good Friday! I’m not in that religion anymore but ironically, I’m not eating meat today. Was it meat? Chicken? I don’t remember. Or was that Lent? Or the whole week? Either way, I get weirdly proud of myself when I accidently don’t eat meat on Good Friday or Easter. You can leave the religion but the religion won’t leave you, and that’s real lol.

I had a super fun Easter-ish weekend planned, including going to a Tulip farm but I realized that 1) I don’t have an outfit I want to wear for it 2) what if it’s cold and 3) I didn’t wanna hear B bitching about how far it is or about gas cost oh wait and 4) my depression doesn’t wanna do jack this weekend.

My mom wrote me a super long letter about basically: I know it’s hard and I know you’re struggling but you need to get your shit straight. But in 3 pages. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that my mom has started writing me letters. They’re usually full of her saying she’s proud of me and I’m doing great. Without verbally saying it cause you know… Asian parents and feelings. Just a word of random advice — clicky keyboards aren’t a good idea if you eat at your desk.

I lost my train of thought…

Easter is one of my favorite self holidays but this year I’m barely celebrating. Didn’t grab any of my traditions or anything. I had that planned for tomorrow but eh, I’m not in the mood.

It’s time to boss up

Fix ya credit, girl get at it

Get ya bag up

Hit that gym and get back fine

Go get that degree, go girl

Unlock potential that you didn’t know you had in youget ya bag up

Yeah ok.

On to the links;

Aldi is at it again with Spring wreaths! I’ve been planning on going to Aldi’s all last month and I just… didn’t go for some reason. Can you feel the seasonal regret?

Taste of Home is sharing a few cool finds for adult Easter baskets. Fun fact: I still ask my mom to make me Easter baskets. I’ve always looked forward to them and when I got in my 20’s she threw in a bouquet of Tulips.

Speaking of Moms; Esquire put together a list of 15 Gift Baskets to Order Your Mom! I’ll be saving this list for Mother’s Day.

Asia at She Knows giving us reasons to Prioritize Sleeping in 2021 and I’m not here to argue. Also, if anyone has tips on how to get published in a e magazine, please leave them below.

Just a list of new Disney World snacks for 2021; me and my bff are READY.

Did you find any cool reads around the web this week? Lemme know in the comments!

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