Recap 2021 | March

Is it just me or does it feel like March just passed right on by? I remember planning my Middle Grade March TBR and suddenly I have 1 1/2 days until March is over?! How the hell?! I made zero progress with the TBR btw. I mean, I have 2 hours left on the book I’m currently listening to but I have no idea when I’ll be able to go finish it. So. Yeah, the reading was kind of non existent this month.

And it was taken over by… depression! Me and depression have a long and twisted relationship. Before anxiety decided to crash the party, I had figured out a way to take my depression and turn it into art. Writing, singing, graphic design, and even poetry. But since anxiety, that doesn’t happen too often anymore. Now most of the time when depression steps in, I pretty much don’t do anything. And I really hate that type. Where anxiety is crippling and manipulating my thoughts and even sense of sight, here comes useless ass depression. Like bro, at least inspire me to make something? Seeing skips of content just pisses me off when you decide to up and leave for the weekend or some shit. Mothafucker.

At the end of Feb somehow my stuff started to break: first my keyboard (which was my fault, I’ll admit) then my laptop (which was Tums’ fault but honestly, it was bound to happen and of course I tried to avoid it from happening but if you have/had toddlers.. you’d know they just auto break everything they touch. I remember when I was toddler and me and my brother did a LOT OF HIDING my moms shit when we’d do something we KNEW we weren’t suppose to be doing in the house; 99% of the time it involved playing catch). And my iPad randomly decided to stop charging.

My kuya was nice enough to get me a new keyboard (a cool aesthetically pleasing clicky one btw) as an early bday gift and tbh, I’m SO obsessed with it. Like, I just want to type FOREVER. It’s so satisfying! Also, we’ve been friends for 21 years and this is the first time he’s gotten me a gift lmao, just saying. But seriously, this keyboard is the thing of good feelings lol.

My mom replaced my laptop as an early bday gift. It’s cool cause the finger pad doubles as a num pad. It gets confusing when you accidently turn it on (yes you can turn it off and on) but it’s a really cool concept. This one STAYS OUT OF TUMS REACH at all times. Idc if she cries. Throws her shit all off the bed. Whatever. She’s not touching this one lol.

I finally gave in and took my iPad to Geek Squad where they told me that Apple doesn’t usually “repair” your stuff, they just send you a new one. And they don’t really care to even tell you what was wrong with your broken device either. So, yay for getting a replacement but booo for not knowing what was wrong. While I waited for that to come in (they told me 3-5 days but it ended up taking like 3 weeks) I ended up getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. There are pros and cons to this tablet, imo. But I’m a hardcore Apple fan when it comes to devices and a Windows fan when it comes to computers. The one thing I will say is that the pen for the SGT is a lot lighter than the Apple pen and it kind of throws me off?

I also finally upgraded my iPhone to the iPhone 12, from the iPhone 8. I was super hesitant since the last text message and phone call log from my dad was on my 8. But the dude said I didn’t have to trade in my phone since it was paid off, so whew. I opted OUT of the mini this time for my phone. I didn’t get the one I dub spider eyes, I just got the 12 in the normal size. And the best thing about new iPhones? THAT NEW BATTERY LIFE. So nice. I can actually not keep it on the charger all night! I can play games! I can FaceTime and not deplete my battery! So fun! So amazing! Man I hate this new tech shit.

Foodie Finds;


I hate cow’s milk. I always have. Even as a kid. So I’m ALWAYS up to try new milk alternatives. Plus the Coconut Milk at Starbucks is starting to mess with me. Not good. We had Tiger Sugar before this came out so I saw Brown Sugar and jumped on it. Cause now I’m obsessed with all drinks Brown Sugar. I mean, I’ve always been obsessed with Brown Sugar but like in coffee? Ya’ll. I’ve met my coffee soulmate. Esp since my fav Cold Brew place randomly vanished lol.

I do plan on trying more coffee places in DFW! There’s a few here that sound super interesting.


THIS STUFF IS GOOOOOOD. Idk where B found this place. Or how but GOODNESS. I’ve found my Boba soulmate. This stuff is so good it’s unreal. You’re suppose to “shake it” 15 times for “best taste”. Idk if that’s true or not but man if they opened one closer I’d be so broke.


B wanted Mexican Food but not tacos. Yet he came home with… tacos. We passed by Velvet Taco a ton of times, esp when I lived on that side of town. And I never tried it. Pre-covid days and all, I kind of wish I had tried it out!

So he got 4 different types of taco: Chicken & Waffles, Korean Pork, Rotisserie Chicken and Kobe Bacon Burger. Yes, Bacon BURGER… taco. I had opted for the Chicken & Waffles and the Korean Pork.

The Korean Pork was SO good but it was also freakin SPICY. I don’t know why I thought it wouldn’t be. You can see the oil on my plate. That should had told me this taco was about to eff me up. But I couldn’t stop eating it! Even after I couldn’t feel my lips anymore lol.

The Chicken & Waffles taco was SO good! I don’t know what it was about it but it was a perfect balance of savory chicken and sweet waffles. I didn’t even realize it until I took this picture that it’s wrapped in a waffle! I know, I should had known but like, I didn’t.

This was really fun to try!

Other Finds;

We booked my birthday trip to Disney World so I automatically started shopping for indie ears and shirts. I just wrote about this and the shops I had ordered from!

I haven’t snapped a pic of my ears yet but they’re so pretty! I can’t deal. I’m so excited to wear them! I’m also waiting on my tank top from another shop to come in. As well as I have to find all my travel stuff from the trip we were suppose to take last year. I know I didn’t toss it, but idk where I put it either? Sigh.

It was Tums birthday this month and we took her to the aquarium. I haven’t written that post yet because I was really upset with how it turned out. But she had fun, it seems. She likes lookin at animals and sea animals so it’s not like it was a total bust.

That Sting Ray was effen huge. Like, oh hai goddamn you’re a big thing!

I’m sure other things happened in March but I’m super sensitive to certain sounds; one of them being Bubba’s shit ass sniffling. It literally makes me want to stab myself in the head. So. I’m gonna go ahead and end this post here and hide in my room and color until I calm down.

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