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Today’s shop small is inspired by:

All the Etsy Disney shops I bought products from for my upcoming trip.

I’ve always wanted indie Disney shirts. I don’t know why, I just love how creative people get with their designs esp the text only ones. I’ve also thought of making my own, but I don’t know where people get theirs printed at. Something I’ll have to look into for sure!

On to my purchases;

Polka Dot Pixie Shop

I snagged this Peter Pan Neverland shirt and the Cinderella castle one. I had such a hard time choosing which ones to get since there are so really great designs! I’m obsessed with this shop! The shirts are really really soft, don’t shrink of bleed in the wash either. The delivery was speedy and they answered any questions I had!

Neverland Tee Co

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I got this in a tank top that didn’t get here which I’m pretty bummed about. But I did get two other shirts I’ll be taking a pic of soon! I couldn’t find them on their IG feed. I sent them an Etsy message about it but it looks like they haven’t updated their IG since Aug 2020. So, no telling!


Guys, I got these ears in the pastel version and they just came in today. When I say they’re stunning, I mean THEY. ARE. STUNNING. I also got a Colors of the Wind inspired pair and no joke, it freakin took my breath away when I unwrapped it. Like. I know they’re pretty pricey (but honestly, I’d rather invest in small businesses than buy from Disney, sorry) but omg. They’re freakin worth every dollar I spent!

I originally wanted to get light up ones like I did the last birthday I spent at Disney but I saw these and had to have them. I don’t regret my purchase at all!

What are some of your favorite small Disney shops?

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