Monday Mindful Manifestation

I don’t have a quote or any idea what I want to manifest this week. But as I write this, Tums is behind me with her blocks learning how to count on her own. The things this girl does when you just sit and watch her amazes me. She’s so dang smart.

I lied, I just came across this quote in friend Logan’s blog post. Fun fact I started following him on LiveJournal in like 2004? 2005? And I’ve been reading his blog ever since.

This is something I truly believe in; my ex use to be one of those people who felt like because of his upbringing the world owed him something. He spent years angry and waiting for things to fall in his lap. And when I’d suggest doing something about it all he did was point out how hindered he was. But if there’s anything I learned from him it’s that people will go after what they want, period. He always felt like I had a bigger advantage because I had a car. Because I came from money even though I worked just as much if not more than him. I had my own bills to pay. I was THISCLOSE to enlisting into the Army because my mom refused to pay for my college.

My biggest dream was to work at Disney. I held on to this dream for years. I had no idea how or when, I just knew someday I’d get there. And I did. And it wasn’t because I had a car or came from money, none of that played any part in how I got a job at Disney.

I’ve believed in manifestation my whole life — if I just stayed on track. If I just kept working towards whatever goal it was — big or small — I could make it happen.

Working at Disney was one of the best things to ever happen to me.

I went in as this shy, insecure, quiet girl who had big dreams but a small voice. I struggled to make female friends in CA because bitches are haters. And I left that job being a girl with big dreams and a big voice. I’m 0% shy. I got comfortable with speaking in front of 80 people every 12 minutes willing an animatronic ant to start a show. I made friends all around the world I still talk to that loved me for who I am, no matter what kind of day I was having.

I lost my bestest friend and my husband in the process, but tbh I feel like the truth of if we belonged together or not was hanging in the balance way before we left for Disney.

People will always be who they are.

It’s up to you to listen and what you’re gonna with that.

I’ve seen first hand just how beneficial it is to be skillful.

Some of us make it a point to grow; spiritually, physically or mentally. And if you’re not growing, then what are you doing?! Maybe it’s just me. But it confuses me when people refuse to grow. I’m constantly learning about something at all times. Or working on something or thinking up new idea’s for new projects to bounce off my brother ThisWae.

You are the company you keep, so the people around you should want to grow just as much as you do. And if they don’t, well you’re gonna run into some problems. Much like the one I ran into with my ex.

I have a constant need to acquire skills and an even bigger need to be certified in them. Right now I’m working on refreshing my Tagalog as well as French and learning the tricks of digital art… as well as drawing. And I’m forever trying to stay updated on the changes in social media.

What are some skills you’ve always wanted to learn?

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  1. Love this post! I am big on manifestation and the law of attraction too. I’ve followed it my whole life. I love that there is always something new to learn in life. Amazing, landing your dream job at Disney! Thank you for sharing xx

    Lynn |

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