Middle Grade March TBR

It’s that time of the year again when I do Middle Grade March.

I thought I got that idea from an Owlcrate thing they did a few years ago but I could be wrong? I just searched there videos and I didn’t find anything for it this year. But this is a month I gather up all most of the middle grade books I didn’t get into last year… or DNF’d like 4 years ago. You know what, there are no rules to this, ok? lol a few are from my Owlcrate JR boxes and a few are books I’ve had sitting on my Kindle TBR and one series I fell in love with this year. So, I’m pretty excited.

My anxiety has been unreal the last few days and it’s not only draining but it’s also making me angry, which hasn’t happened in a long long while. I mean I’m more likely to speak my mind, if that’s the case but also, anger drains me. So I’m looking forward to picking up a few of these that are whimsical and full of adventure and fantasy.

Physical Books TBR;

All but one title is from Owlcrate Jr. And most have paranormal or fantasy themes to them. I love middle grade titles, I wish young adult could have an entire series with absolutely no love interest!

I’m super excited to get into The Midnight Hour as well as Cinders & Sparrows the most!

Review Books TBR;

Really thought I had more than 3 titles; I mean, I’m not complaining, at all. I just thought there were more. I started Alessia in Atlantis but I’m a bit confused at what exactly is going on. Then again, it’s just the beginning so I don’t think I’ve given it a fair chance to develop just yet. I was super excited to get Fearless for review! I’ll definitely be starting that one soon.

Kindle Books TBR;

I had a few potential reads for the MG Kindle section but after thinking about it, I already have a ton listed. Bridge of Souls however is one I’m absolutely looking forward to! And possibly one I already started, sooo yeah lol. We’re gonna keep this section simple.

I love MG reads; I always find something really interesting about how MG books are written. They’re soul hitting which is crazy and a little mean, considering these books are for kids. And here I am in my 30’s tearing up. Crazy!

Do you enjoy Middle Grade reads? What’s your fav? I’m always up for recommendations!

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  1. I really want to read more middle grade and this March challenge would have been so much fun! Maybe ill do it next time or pick another month or something! They all look gorgeous and I hope you are enjoying all of your reads!

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