Friday Finds

Finally got my laptop replaced after Tums had somehow managed to break the monitor. She’s been messing with that laptop since she started crawling. How toddlers break almost everything they touch is way beyond me. I strive to have that energy, where you do thinks without apology and can’t read the room lol! I also got my keyboard gift from my Kuya Dru (I broke my own keyboard) got here and I. AM. IN. LOVE. It’s so pink and so cute and it has the clicky keys!

I’m still fighting my depression this week; my doctor put me on an additional anti anxiety med that doubles as a sleeping aid which helps since most of my shit happens at night. Paranoia and intrusive thoughts have come back and I’m pissed. It took me years to get them to go away and now I’m in this high strung stressed out environment and it feels like all the steps forward I took with my mental health just ended up being a huge step backward.

On to the links;

I posted about how I want to make some lifestyle changes on the food blog which I’m also trying to build back up. I got a mental health book for review about a month ago that talked about foods that could trigger your anxiety and I found it super interesting.

I also decided to start a blog coaching service since a lot of people like to ask me how do you start a blog.

As if you need any more idea’s on what to get from Target lol! Best Products (I totally got sucked into this site) lists the Target cult favorites. How many of these are true for you? Some of these have been on my mental grocery wish list for awhile now.

MSN Money (really?) just posted the 3 new Starbucks flavors to hit grocery stores. I can’t see if these are Cold Brew or not but man, a tired mama is hoping. I miss my coffee shop downstairs that made this delicious Cold Brew. Ughh.

Real Simple talks about the 10 Spring Trends that are taking over TikTok; Not sure how I feel about bubble candles. I mean they’re def cute but they’re also… kinda weird lol.

Sundays were my self care days, before I had Tums and a marriage and I miss that. Having self care days, I mean. Now it seems like self care time for me is the 20 mins it takes for me to get adjusted at the Chiro. I’ve told my Chiro that this is my weekly alone time. Thankfully he thinks it’s funny. Here are 18 things I’d like to try doing as self care and there are a few I use to do as well; I’m not going to place a day or a time on it because then… I’ll just end up disappointed lol.

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