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I’m one of those people who LOVE to scroll through Etsy. I always have been! In fact my wedding favors from my first marriage were from Etsy! I had so much fun sampling different products and working with various different Etsy sellers. That really made my Etsy experience super memorable! I love the idea that if you’re good at creating something, you can make a business out of it. Like honestly, how cool is that idea?! It’s definitely easier now than it was in 2009, that’s for sure!

I’m constantly finding really cool shops and places I swear by! So I figured I’d start this mini weekly feature to share some of those links. This won’t be an every week kind of feature but an every now and then. Even though I’ve bookmarked enough shops to keep this feature going for possibly a year. Or 5. My bookmark list is insane. I’ve had my account since 2008, so you know. That’s A LOT of shops lol.

I also opened my own Etsy shop for stock photos but tbh, I haven’t worked on it since I opened it. I spent years trying to plan the perfect Etsy shop and out of nowhere one night I was like: eff this I’m starting one. So now I have to commit lmao. The first shop I wanted to open was a wax melt shop back in 2014 but it never happened because it was “never the right time” or I was “never ready”. So. It never happened and I just now decided to come back to that idea.

I’m opening that damn shop in 2021, I swear.

Right now I’m really into illustration — so a lot of the shops I’ve been bookmarking have to do with illustration or clip art, stickers or those really cute pins. Did I decide to learn to draw in 2021 to join the movement? Yes. Why lie lol. Another kind of shop I look for a lot are ones that make anything Filipino inspired. I miss being close to my culture and my family, so I’m obsessed with all things Filipino plus I have a kid to teach now.

If some of these links/themes aren’t your cup of wine that’s totally fine, I won’t be offended. Promise.

On to some of my favs of the week;

I’ve absolutely got to mention Honey Soda Co; she just restocked on her brand new site the other day. I have SO many of these wax melts that I could probably run a shop lmao. But I just love the quality of them! The scent throw is amazing, they melt flawlessly and are super easy to clean up. Rachel is the sweetest! She always makes time to respond to your comments and questions and I’m so glad I stumbled on her on Instagram!

A really really good friend of mine just opened up a sticker shop over at Caelon’s Crafts; we worked together at Disney during my first DCP in 2011 and we knew each other but for some reason we never spoke. It wasn’t until he had already left his DCP that I stalked him on FB and asked why he wasn’t at work lololol. Caelon is seriously the most down to Earth person I know, he’s driven by fandom and Disney and is always accepting suggestions for new stickers!

Another good friend of mine just opened a tray shop. Yes, a TRAY shop! You can find her at ItsTheTrayBae on Instagram. I’m not at all familiar with Resin, but from what I’ve seen you can make some really awesome things with them! Her trays are seriously gorgeous and I CAN NOT WAIT to get mine for photo ops! I’m also going to re-do my bathroom some time this Spring (when tax returns hit, letsbereal) and I’m planning on getting a whole tray soon!

Steadfast Flowers is a shop I get my sage/smudge sticks from. Everything is packaged neatly and well. I can smell the lavender as soon as I hopen the box. Steadfast products are farm grown and harvested themselves. The blends are super unique. I have one of the bundles with an orange slice. I haven’t burned it yet (I’m kinda scared to see what will happen) but the lavender ones I have burned smell much better than a regular Sage stick.

HappyMatsCo specializes in custom welcome mats. I have 2 Disney themed ones sitting in my cart right now, I have plans of theming my apartment pretty soon and I feel like these 2 speak to me lol. There’s a ton of other options, not just Disney ones! And while the prices are a bit high, I feel like of all the mats I’ve scrolled through these are the best quality ones.

TenSixCrafts makes Mickey shaped door wreaths which are just wayyyy too cute! I love the theme to this brand and I really hope they post up new designs soon!

DWDaydreams is a cute Disney inspired sticker shop. There are so many super cute sticker shops on Etsy that it’s hard to really choose which one to buy from! I love how this shop has all the iconic symbols, phrases and lyrics. The Carousel of Progress doesn’t get as much love as it should. The entrance quote to the park will always be my favorite thing; I missed out on the keychain they had in the parks but I love that this shop has it in a sticker form. I’m gonna need like 10.

These are just a few of my favorite small businesses! What are some of yours? Leave a link below!

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  1. I also dig the idea of building a business out of something you enjoy creating. My cousin’s wife sells ample stuff on Etsy I am pretty sure. She has a passion for creating and designing. For me, it is creating eBooks, courses and content. What a blessed time we live in.


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