Happy Lunar New Year

Tums has, however, stolen my Lychee Lotus Flowers. I’m glad she likes them, that makes 2 of us in this house who like Lychee. But seriously, she figured out how to open the box and TORE IT UP. I barely finished the cube from last year so it’s fine. I, however am obsessed with the Chocolate Orange Peel!

How sweet is this short letter they included? It definitely made me feel super special. The whole entire packaging for this Lunar bento box is gorgeous! I especially like the Ox charm they included.

Regardless of the fact that I’m not going to be going out to celebrate this year (which sucks, I hate Texas weather, have I mentioned that enough yet), I’m glad I had someway to celebrate it even if it was in my own little way.

Here’s a peak at the Colourpop collection for 2021, I won’t be talking about it much here since I plan on doing a review of it on my beauty blog here; if you’re interested in reading it! I know I have a beauty section on this blog but I don’t really feel like this is really the place to talk about beauty products, if that makes sense!

I will say I was a bit disappointed when I opened these up seeing they weren’t actually palettes but more like pressed pigments in a case. You can actually buy an empty case by itself if you wanted to. Light My Firecracker is the lip kit for this year but I haven’t even swatched that yet tbh.

This year has been rough, mostly for my mom. She wasn’t able to send us Red Envelopes this year. Which is fine, I’m just glad she awaaaaas stuck to her traditions and always shared them with me and my brother.

Traditions hold very important moments and memories in my life. They’re my safety net and I don’t expect anyone to get it cause it’s not theirs to get. I just wish it as a little more respected.

Happy Lunar New Year!

2 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year

  1. I’m also an Ox so I’m feeling the same way 🙂 I wasn’t able to get my hands on any make-up but I did get the World of Warcraft themed mount this year which is a gorgeous Ox. They’ve been doing one each year for Lunar New Year and I couldn’t pass up my own sign!

    1. That is so cool! I saw the Overwatch skins for this year and they’re so pretty but I’m not paying for PS+ for them lmao! Maybe I’ll be able to just buy them in the future. Sadly FFXIV doesn’t do anything for Lunar New Year?!

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