Monday Mindful Manifestation

This week’s intention;

I don’t feel not enough as much as I use to, I still feel like I don’t do enough but I myself feel enough for me, anyway. I need to remind myself that everything on my to do list doesn’t have to all be crossed off. That’s what tomorrow is for. Or later. As long as I get as much done today, that is enough.

The kiddo’s toys is taking up lots of space, granted this is her room. Well half and half my office but it’s hard to literally split things like this in half. She does try her best to keep her side tidy when I ask her to, and really what more can you ask of a 2 year old lo. But this room does need some organizing, for sure.

I honestly can’t believe how fast January is already, we’re mid month at this point and I’m super excited for the changes ahead!

What’s something you want to manifest this week?

6 thoughts on “Monday Mindful Manifestation

  1. I totally had to have a designated playroom when my girls were little. It saved my sanity. But your sweet pea sounds so mindful ❤️

  2. I love that you spoke about this. I often feel that I don’t do enough and if I were not having a ten pointer to do list everyday, I won’t feel accomplished or productive. On the other hand, when I don’t have a to do list, I end up literally nothing at all- which again makes me feel bad. Sigh it is a huge issue for me. And congrats on finding a balance and feeling better about beign enough.

    1. There are def lots of days I seem to not be able to find a balance (like today); I’m trying to give myself more space to “not do anything” and trying not to feel bad about it.

      I just hate the days I wake up and see what I wanted to change STILL not done, I think that’s what triggers a lot of my GO GO GO attitude usually!

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