Weekly Recap; Dec 13th -19th

What day is it? Cause I swear all week I’ve been behind 2 days at a time. How that’s possible? I have no freakin idea but as the parent of a toddler? Yeah, it definitely happens.

I was struggling with my mental health and with expressing myself. I just love how the closer we get to Christmas the more anxiety, dread and just I really don’t wanna be here/do this right now feeling comes back. I had the weirdest dream last night that my husband had some “small work party” yet it was like people were all over our 3 story mansion. I couldn’t even sneak away before someone else notices. I was going somewhere with this but I literally just dozed off writing that last sentence.

Hai guys, it’s now 1pm and I’m awake. I don’t remember writing any of that shit last night. But here we are lol.

I can’t believe Christmas is in a few days. I always feel like Christmas comes too fast. I still want to bask in the peppermint everything and the lights!

I tried to do OOTD photos for hazearella + having photos to post reviews about a clothing haul I did. That’s a Peppermint Marshmallow shake from Shake Shack. It was ok. This hoodie is from Shein and it’s cozy af. I love it. I just wish it had pockets. T is wearing a bunny raincoat I got her last Spring for Easter, it’s still super big on her. Thank goodness.

I also stopped by B&N and was determined to buy at least one book that day. It’s been so long since I’ve bought a physical book (thanks OCD) let alone did a haul.

I ended up picking up these two. I had never heard of The Similars before but it sounds SO interesting! I didn’t finish The Cruel Prince but I couldn’t pass up this gorgeous book! The illustrations are amazing. This is probably the prettiest book I own! I much prefer the black cover to the white one as well.

Pls ignore the mess to my left, I have a toddler ok? I always thought you know, it was possible to keep a clean tidy house with a kid if you just tried hard enough but she has freedom in the living room and well, this is what happens. Even after I pick up all her toys. THEY JUST MULTIPLY OR SOME SHIT. I DONT KNOW.

One of my Christmas gifts from Bubba was a Costco membership. I know, it’s probably not the most exciting thing in the world but this is adult/motherhood. JK I’ve always loved Costco. My dad use to take me and my brother ALL the time. My brother and I would play hide and seek. And my dad would get us Hot Dogs. It’s where I first tried Root Beer for the first time. My dad got me a Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer and I freakin loved it! It’s where me and my dad would play Freecell on the display laptops. It’s the pizza’s my parents would get for our parties. It’s where I found my favorite soup: Creamy Potato Soup.

I won’t lie, I was a little sad walking around. I thought of my dad a lot. I wish I could had sent him that pic of my Hot Dog and tell him I got a membership for Christmas. I wish I could had sent him a pic of T eating her pizza slice. And tell him I got her an ice cream sundae. It sucks; we lose people all the time. By death or just by them not being who they were when we knew them. And it always leaves a large hole in our souls. A small piece of longing and homesickness. I feel like I lost my family a long time ago and it took me YEARS to come to terms with that. I was angry and sad for such a long time. But there are things that bring me back to the memories of when I was a kid. And not everything was so dark and bad. Even if it was just a ticking time bomb.

Thanks to Covid I didn’t get to do much “holiday feel good” stuff but I did walk my ass to Neiman Marcus and I got myself some goodies. They closed down all the Sugarfina stores in TX so I was super excited to see some products there. I also got a small box of Godiva holiday truffles. I haven’t been to the mall since Feb. So it was nice to see those there too!

I also stumbled on this SUPER cute store I’d describe as like rustic core. It’s magical in there. I got some aromatherapy, a “wishing” crystal kit and a super cute notepad. I thought these wine bags were super cute. If I had friends around here that drank wine I’d definitely pick up a few of those “This wine pairs well with Turkey & difficult relatives.” canvas bags. I’m definitely coming back some day! And to take more pics! They encouraged me to but I was already checking out lol.

Speaking of Costco; I found these finally!! I loved the ones I had 2 years ago when I was pregnant and I heard they had a Peppermint one but I couldn’t find them in stores. Well, Costco has them. I haven’t tried it yet but man I can’t wait to!

Every morning as I clean up the room when we wake up, T tends to stack up my candles like they’re bricks. I don’t know what’s with her and stacking things but do you girl, do you.

That’s also her doing her excited/thinking dance lol.

I also caught her reading without me asking her to lol. She usually does but lately she’s gotten so many new toys she’s kind of just forgot about her book pile. So I’ve been trying to remind her to read a little bit each day. She can tell you what sounds some of the animals make. And she can point to her eyes and her nose. So I think she’s doing well for a not-even-2-year-old yet.

Here’s the other hoodie I got from Shein, I love how cute this is. I just hate how the red dyed the white pom poms. I got a size M thinking it was gonna run small but it’s actually super big. It’s absolutely cozy.

I got T this new winter coat that’s 1) waterproof and 2) cozy. I love it! She was also sporting her light up rain boots.

I took a pic at this same ball ornament 2 years ago when I was pregnant! I had woke her up from a nap which is why she looks so sad/grumpy. Taking pictures with a toddler is like, the hardest shit sometimes. Esp as soon as I set her down she’s off running somewhere. She barely just STAYS STILL when she’s on her feet. They stop running off at like what? 3? 5? 17? I don’t remember anymore. But I got a long road ahead of me, I’m sure.


I finally got my Red Cup for 2020. I forgot how good Peppermint Mocha hot is. So freakin good. I also finally got my Cranberry Bliss Bar! Last time I had both of these was 2 years ago, but I was pregnant and T made me throw it alllllll up when I got home. Now her ass wants a bite or a sip. No bitch you made me throw it up last time lmaooo. Plus her dad gets mad when I give her coffee so.

I tried Home Chef. Which works like Hello Fresh. And realized me and meatballs don’t usually get along. The portions are a bit smaller. I think I still prefer Hello Fresh.

I’m obsessed with this combo from La Madeline. It’s their Turkey sandwich with Sundried Tomato and a cup of Loaded Potato Soup. They’re so good together! Idk why it took me so long to order FOOD from there! I clearly have been missing out.

And just a casual photo of me searching the fridge for something to snack on. And realizing it’s mostly stuff for Bubba to cook or T’s snacks. Whomp. Life of a mother I guess. I had the camera propped up on Bubba’s DBZ Advent Calendar and it was the perfect height to take this. In case I need to take a girl + fridge photo again I guess.

Also I had just got off the phone with my brother Sean and every time I talk to him and he dishes out shit I need to hear it always makes me wanna get up and get some shit done.

My close friend Caelon opened up a sticker shop recently and his stuff is SO cute! He also inspired me to get an iPad and Procreate to learn how to draw cute food lmao. But man I’m STRUGGLING! I mean, that was a given but still, it’s so much harder than I thought it would be lol.

I got to open a gift early (Bubba is so bad with letting us wait til Xmas) and I got my Witchy Tamagotchi! I’m so excited about this. I haven’t played with one since like 1998; but T is already trying to take this from me. Dang babies. I guess downside to your parents liking toys too, SETTING BOUNDRIES.

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    1. Thank you! It’s so hard to get good photos of her now that she’s walking… and she’s caught on to when I’m taking candids of her lol, now I have to find a new way!

      And omg it’s SO cozy!! I can’t wait to bundle up in it during the holiday and just read lol.

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