November 2020 Favs

If there’s anything I look forward to every month it’s finding new favorites. And Amazon’s list for First Reads. It’s been awhile since I wrote a Favs list, and these were one of my favs to write!

November felt like it flew by, but then again most months do despite 2020 feeling like five years long. How that’s possible is beyond me but it’s 2020, things aren’t making sense that much around here.


Chocolate Almond Croissants

First up is Chocolate Almond Croissants; the one’s from La Madeline are my favs but I won’t reject one from somewhere else. I’m not sure why it took me so long to finally try one of these, I see them all the time. Either way, I’m glad I tried them now cause they are AMAZING.

Side note: NOT a fav? Daniel Tiger.

iPad & Digital Coloring

I got the new iPad Air in hopes to learn how to draw and illustrate with Procreate and because I needed something to help prep me to go back to school. I got a few different tablet pens to use but what I’m finding is that I might actually need the Apple Pen to get the most out of it. I’ve noticed with the other pen’s I’ve been using my sketches will self delete. I don’t know if it’s a setting I need to change or if it’s the pen?

I tested out a few coloring books since they’re something I’ve been interested in for awhile (but let’s be real, on a phone? Yeah not fun/relaxing at all) and I settled with the app Pigment. They have “books” and featured artists. They also do challenges and other fun stuff. There’s a whole community there which is really cool! The photo on the right is me doing the last page in the first Kawaii book. I had so much fun doing this book and coming up with color theme’s and trying to make everything look “related”. Playing with textures and shadows is fun too, even if I suck. But hey, practice is better than nothing right?! It’s something I’ve found myself looking forward to every day and in this pandemic you can’t have too much of something to look forward to!

My only complaint is that if it is that I actually need an Apple Pen, that sucks. And that the iPad itself is really big in my opinion. I have small hands and I had the first iPad mini when they came out and it was perfect but the Air while it’s great for art stuff, is not so great when you wanna lay in bed and read. You don’t want this one somehow falling on you (and yes that has already happened and yes, I have regrets).

Mickey Pancakes & Trader Joe’s PB&J snack duo

I’m glad B has found a ton of uses for the Mickey pancake maker I got him for his bday. He made me pancakes for a straight week and it was amazing. The strawberry gel is the kind you’d find at the store to use for shortcakes + some whipped cream and sprinkles? These were heavenly and I could easily eat 3 of them! Dangit, now I want some. I haven’t tried making them myself yet but maybe I will this week(end).

I randomly found this snack at Trader Joe’s and I’ve never seen it or heard about it before. These are SO addicting! I just want a jar of that raspberry jam on its own! I haven’t found it since but I’ll forever look for these every time I go to TJ’s. Hate that they cycle through snacks so often, esp when you find something you love. Or can’t find something people are talking about.

Reconnecting with friends

This is me and my friend Cyril waiting for the bus ride home after work during our DCP (Disney College Program) in 2011. We both worked at Downtown Disney (now called Disney Springs) on the West Side. Looks like he had a Mickey’s Groove shift and as always I had a Candy Cauldron one. We lost touch a few years ago and I recently stumbled on him on IG and he looks completely different now. Oh and he’s from France. And while I’ve had other French co cast members Cyril was never mean or rude or anything. I know that French aren’t fans of American’s and I totally get why but I didn’t realize that until 2 years later when another French co cast member made it a point to make it known.

I also hit up a good friend of mine from back home cause I had a random memory. He’s one of those types where we can go months or years (and we have) not speaking and it’s like absolutely no time has passed and we pick right back up where we left off. I love that about the people I’m close to, they never make me feel like “you’ve been gone too long we don’t have shit in common”. JR however has jokes. Lots of them. I told him Tums was having a tantrum and he was like “well if she’s really anything like you (no one but my mom has “met” Tums oh and my friend Eric but that was both when she was less than a year and not talking yet, I know, it’s sad) then 9 times out of 10 she’s probably just hungry or wants food.” I was like “Wow dude, really?” and he’s like “AM I LYING?” nah he wasn’t lmao. Anyone who’s worked with me anywhere knows how serious I take lunch breaks. Esp when I’m hungry. All bets are off lol.

Hazel / NaNoWriMo / Caramels

Finally found Hazel on Animal Crossing, SHE SHOWED UP AT MY CAMP! I was SO surprised! I managed to get her to move in but she decided less than a week later she wanted to move. Uh, excuse me but didn’t you JUST get here? She didn’t craft while she was there so I let her ass go lol.

NaNoWrimo wasn’t a fav since I epically failed at 2k words. I mean, it could be worse, there’s years I only got like 500. What IS a favorite (besides my pink keyboard and Cherry Pepsi) are those caramels peaking on the side. I ate through like 3 bags of them. I have no idea why. But they were just so good and so comforting. I think I’ll go stock up on more. Also my Walt Disney World cast member replica coasters! The one under the Cherry Pepsi has my name and “Tough to be a Bug” under instead of a school/city. I may go get an exact replica of mine made. I have a plaque of an actual replica that I got off Etsy. It’s these little reminders that help me push through the day.

Kitchenaid & foodie things

B got me a Kitchenaid for Christmas this year and I’m SO SO excited! I’ve been wanting one forever. I actually used it to make bread for Thanksgiving and I’m going to make lemon cookies next. It came with the extensions I wanted, I know there’s a ton of fancy ones, but I’m good with the baking basics! Only thing is that it’s not pink, but that’s okay.

I love grocery stores like Central Market and Trader Joe’s. I don’t know why, I just always have. CM has the best bakery in any grocery store in my opinion! And I managed to find Peonies, in the Winter!

Fancy haul & Fav read

I managed to finish my Christmas shopping before December. HOLLLYYY CRAPPP. Such a huge thing for me! And super excited! In 2021 I think I’ll plan better when it comes to gifts. I kind of went a biiiiit overboard (by like, a lot). Or you know, work on making more income. Whichever comes first (really hoping it’s the income part).

I got these fancy soaps from Anthropologie. It came in a gift set but there were others I wanted that weren’t in this set. I’m a sucker for fancy soaps since I got some for review a few years ago! It definitely makes taking a shower so much more relaxing! And honestly, how cute is this packaging? I’m such a sucker for that store. I hate how expensive every little thing is!

And of course, YOU was my favorite read of November. You can check out my review here.

The Amazon Echo Show is probably one of the BEST things I purchased in 2020. I freakin love this thing! The fact it has a screen and can play movies from my Amazon Video Library is freakin amazing. I use this for almost everything in the room. I got so use to it that when I’m in the office I have to remember I don’t have an Alexa in here (yet).

Another favorite purchase is this new floor lamp. I had lost mine in the move to TX from FL 4 years ago and never thought to replace it since there wasn’t any I really liked. I saw this one at Target and had to have it. I love that it has shelves (just wish it had more and wish it was a little more weighted)! My Zen stuff is on the top shelf, it’s changed since I took this photo, I’ll have to take a new one. The second shelf has some trinkets and candles and honestly I need to move those since Tums can reach and she’s constantly stacking my candles like they’re blocks or something.

I had a lot more favorites in November than I thought! Here’s to hoping to find new favs in December.

7 thoughts on “November 2020 Favs

    1. I went back and forth for so long over the Air or another Mini; THE PRICE POINT is a lottttt. I do monthly payments for it though.

      The only thing I don’t like about the keyboard is how small the delete button is lol!

      1. I didn’t know you could do monthly payments! But that’s good to know. Because I definitely can’t afford one right now lol

        Yes, I agree! Most keyboards, I can press delete without having to look. But with this one, I keep having to look down to delete.

      2. I did mine at Best Buy with Progressive Leasing! It’s a great alternative. We’ve used it for furniture and gaming consoles in the past!

        And same. I keep “missing” the delete button lol.

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