Friday Finds

I feel like I haven’t done one of these in forever. I honestly feel like I haven’t blogged in forever either! I’m feeling a little bit more mental stability and the stress has eased off a bit. So yay for good news! My cat Sophie however is mad about something because she’s been pooping all over the floor again. Cat’s man, who even knows sometimes. The apartment isn’t any closer to my goal of getting it tidy but I have slight hopes for this weekend that it’ll be a little bit better than it is today. I also need to store away all the pumpkins, despite how much I love seeing them around.

I’ve bookmarked a ton of interesting reads this week and ironically I’ve been skipping anything political cause man, a president can’t like not leave if he’s voted out, can he?! Like man you lost the popular vote TWICE. Get over it and go. Thanksgiving is coming up and we’re spending it at home. I mean I was anyway but the husband and the kiddo aren’t going to his moms like they usually do. I’m also in the middle of getting Christmas shopping done which I’m almost done with? I just have to get the other half of the husband’s gift, the kiddo’s gift and the other half of my mom’s gift and maybe something else for my sister and my brother.

On to the links;

> Looking for an escape from reality? Insider put together a list of 16 books to do just that. Some of these are on my TBR that I’m hoping to get through before the year is over. Upside; a few of these titles are part of Kindle Unlimited and Audible Plus.

> I have a weird relationship with Aldi but here’s 18 things you can get for under $5; I got Tums an advent calendar that was $10 there and $30 on Amazon.

> Delish coming through with the boozy Thanksgiving goals; over 30 of them to be exact.

> 11 Calming Yoga Poses for stress relief from PopSugar is making its way into my daily routine.

> 12 Winter items you can find on Amazon to live all your cozy dreams on hazearella.

> I may be attempting this Crisp Apple Cheesecake from Wood & Spoon for Thanksgiving!

I’m really trying to hold off on all the Thanksgiving links I’ve bookmarked for next week though I guess posting them this week would make much more sense? I don’t know lmao. I still have to find a dish dish to make for Thanksgiving since I decided on the Crisp Apple Cheesecake as a dessert. I’m actually super excited to cook for just for Thanksgiving. I hate big family holidays, they drain me. Plus I don’t know his family like that and since I’m no contact with his immediate family anyway… I really miss Filipino Thanksgiving. We were suppose to visit my family this month and have Tums meet my side of the family… but covid. And this is why I don’t wait to do things. There is no “right time” for anything, ever.

And I need to be better about that in the future when all of this is over.

What are some things you found interesting around the web this week?

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Hi P+P. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I can assure you, you are not alone in feeling ‘down’ about a lot of things – politics, health, projects undone, ‘stuff’ in general. I’ve got a ton of DIY projects to work on, some started and unfinished, and others needing to be done. But, my mind right now just sees it and shrugs it off – it’s not going anywhere. I just finished tile work in a bathroom I’ve been remodeling since the bug hit. Now I need to seal it, and put up a new shower door which I don’t have yet.

    Procrastination has become by best pal. 🤣. Hopefully, I can find some inspiration to get a move on and finish things in the near future. I hope you can too – I’m betting on you.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment! I can relate to the DIY projects. You’d think that being stuck at home would encourage all these things we’ve put off but for some reason I’m the same. I look at it and my mind is like “yeah, later”. Even though they REALLY need to get done lol!

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