Friday Blogtober Finds

This week has been weird. I’ve been without Sage for almost two weeks now. I ordered some from the Etsy store I usually get them from but for some reason they haven’t shipped yet. So that bit of my nightly routine has been missing and I’m super feeling it at this point. A super good friend of mine has been struggling with a nonstop migraine for almost 3 weeks now and I’m worried as hell. I wish there was a way I could help her. Through it all she’s still managed to be warm and sarcastic as always. I’m sending you so many good vibes Kay.

I’ve also been planning Christmas gifts for people in my life since I don’t want to be caught doing alla that last minute like I have been the last few years. Since we assume Tums is going to get a crap ton of toys from her grandparents on her dad’s side I’m trying to think of toys that will spark her imagination or books. But I’m seriously considering getting her a camera; she’s been fussing with my dSLR the last week. Including right now. As I type this.

I’m horrible at unpacking, seriously. Idk if it’s an OCD thing or what but just know, I’m absolutely horrible at unpacking! I still have to set up Tum’s side of the room and finish unpacking clothes and other things. Not much I can do about books right now until I settle on bookshelves. As well as a real computer chair so I can start filming book videos again. At least, I’m hoping to!

I’ve also got a ton of fun projects I’m excited to start on. Whenever I get done unpacking, cleaning and setting this place up. I’m aiming for before Thanksgiving.

I’ve been bookmarking things on MSN and Food52 like crazy without realizing just HOW CLOSE TO HALLOWEEN we already are. Where the heck did October go?! Moving in the beginning of the Fall season really throws my end-of-the-year routines off! I mean should I just put away the Fall decor now and start setting up for Christmas?! That being said I have a few links to share that’ll hopefully help you get in the Halloween mood; if you’re like me and it hasn’t exactly hit you yet.

Fall to me is cold dark rainy days, bowls of hot soup, fuzzy socks, pumpkin scents and movie marathons.

I’m sharing mostly food posts but hey, Halloween is also about food so there’s that;

Popsugar shares 32 Halloween Appetizers that look really good. Makes you kinda wish Covid wasn’t a thing, not that I have any friends here in TX to throw a party with but you know.

Here’s 2 that I’m definitely bookmarking; Pumpkin Chili (Food Without Borders) and Halloween Walnuts (Culinary Hill).

LoveFood listed 31 Apple Dishes if you’re like me and low key over the whole Pumpkin Spice hype; I feel like tis the season for caramel apples but no one ever talks about them anymore.

Cream of Potato is one of my favorite comfort foods; Taste of Home shares a list of recipes using Cream of Potato and I am bookmarking this for later.

I’m such a sucker for Lark & Linen’s aesthetics! Jacquelyn shares the most spooky looking Halloween cocktail; and if I were a fan of Burbon (I don’t know if I am or am not) I’d be making these Blackberry Burbon Punch Cocktails DAILY.

The Every Girl is handing out tips on 5 Changes to Make on Your Finances before Winter and I am HERE FOR IT. I’m the worst at budgeting around the holidays. THE FUCKIN WORST.

I’m pretty excited about these finds this week! And I’m soo ready to do some Fall baking!

Do you bake anything in the Fall? And if not did you find any notable links this week? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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