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Fall is my favorite season. I wait all year for it. But this year… I’m not as excited as I thought I would be. I wouldn’t say SAD has made an appearance but other things in my life have been getting me down. And I know I should be super excited right now. I moved into a new place that I love everything about (except for the lack of elevator). I’m working towards making my apartment as zen as possible. There’s a freakin Starbucks across the street and I can see a 711 from my window (you know what that means? SNACKS FOR DAYS). But I just feel like there’s something holding me back from being me. And I’ve felt this for awhile but it seems like right now it feels so much more heavier than usual. And I don’t know how to ease it or make this feeling go away. I just… suddenly feel like I can’t relax or be myself in my own home almost. Or that who I am isn’t “acceptable”.

This week I’ve been spending more time on Mozilla Pocket. I don’t know if this was always a thing but I just now stumbled on it. So if you like bookmarking interesting articles I’d suggest you check it out! I’ve also been spending a lot of time scrolling through Food52. I hope you all are having an amazing week and that it’s cooling down wherever you are!

On to the links;

〉I think I’m over ambitious but I decided to bring back my old book blog. What will become of it? Who knows but I know I’ve missed it!

〉Lauren at Laureny Loves shares 9 Scary Netflix Shows To Watch if you’re into that kind of stuff. I really want to watch The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina but I think I’m too much of a wimp lol.

〉If you’re struggling with Blogtober, like I am, Emily from Love Em shares a list of Blogtober Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche.

〉Marissa at Marsybun shares Film Recommendations For You Halloween Marathon.

〉I LOVE food round up posts! I’ve always wanted to do one for Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods but I have no idea why I haven’t. Food52 shares 17 Costco Freezer Foods You Should Stock Up on via GetPocket.

〉Also from Food52 30 Minute Fall Soup Ideas! I swear I can browse this site FOREVER.

What are some interesting links you found this week?

9 thoughts on “Friday Blogtober Finds

    1. I’m still in the process of finding a home for everything… and doing loads of laundry! My daughter’s name is Autumn 🙂 but she won’t take pics with pumpkins and it’s breaking my heart lol

  1. I am feeling the early resurgence of SAD myself. I need to up my vitamin D probably, and leave my house more. Thanks for the links. I hope you find your fall happy.

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