Friday Blogtober Finds

It’s Friday. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a Friday as much as I have this week. I mentioned yesterday we are fully moved in. Have we fully unpacked? Kinda. Have we fully found a home for all of our stuff? Fuckin no. Do I want to throw away half my shit and just start over? Fuck. Yes. Speaking of, I need to go burn 3 Leaves candles this weekend. Nonstop. And go through my clothes and Tums clothes cause apparently I’m really bad at getting rid of her stuff as well.

And plus my husband said no ordering things until everything is done and has a home. And oh hell no he didn’t just say that shit to me. In October. Homeboi must had forgot who he married.

Blogtober has also officially started and I’ve been really enjoying scrolling through the blogtober tag on WordPress reader, I just recently discovered what this was. I know. How sad.

So in honor of that I’ll be linking a few blogs I’ve come across that are doing blogtober as well!

Jazzy Daze of Fashion shares Fall Self Care Tips which honestly, if you’re prone to SAD I highly recommend her post!

Chic My Darling shares a Caramel Apple Cupcake recipe I feel like I can manage and really want to attempt. I’m a sucker for all things caramel apple!

Cyn at Cynspo shares 5 Things You Should Try at Starbucks and honestly, I just love her blog and her Twitter account. If you’re looking for inspo, check her out.

Erin at Girly Geek Blog shares her Blogtober Goals!

The Bookish Chick shares Spooky Reading Recommendations! Some I haven’t heard of and may have added it to my TBR lol.

There were a bunch more links I wanted to share but my browser decided to crash. If I can find them again I’ll include them in next weeks post! If you’re doing blogtober please share your blog/links below so I can follow you along! I honestly love this time of the year!

What are some of your favorite types of blog posts to read in the Fall?

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  1. This is a great post – I love being recommended to read other people’s posts and exploring new bloggers! Thank you for sharing 🤍

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