Happy Blogtober!

Who else forgot it’s now October?

I had planned to do Blogtober this year but I didn’t factor in that we were moving this week and how much mental space that would take, especially considering that our day of move was LESS than smooth. It was actually horrible. We came in a week earlier to figure out space and where to put things and noticed that the construction workers were using our fridge to store their lunches and apparently alcohol. When I went to return the key I told them about it and they said they’d have it all cleaned and sanitized.

On move in day nothing was cleaned or sanitized. I went and disinfected the whole inside of the fridge, the shower and the bathroom floors in the master bedroom. I haven’t cleaned anything in the guest room/bathroom yet since we’re still working on moving things in and there would be no reason to when it would just drive me crazy that everything is getting “dirty” again. We were also missing our microwave rotating plate and our hot water was off. Which we didn’t even notice until we went to take a shower at 330am. So yeah, we took miserable cold showers.

We’ve now moved everything from our old apt to our new one and omg, I had like 3 boxes of candles. Idk how I got to this point, honestly but I’m absolutely over it at this point. I have a hard time letting go of things but this is insane. I shouldn’t have 3 full boxes of candles. And that doesn’t even include the insane amount of wax melts I also found.

Moving really makes you realize just how much shit you have and how much you’ve held on to.

I’ve already written my October goals on hazearella here. Am I going to do Blogtober x2? Maybe. Idk. We’ll see. Man I hate myself sometimes lol.

But here’s a few things I really want to remind myself that I need to start doing, seriously.

Using up all of these candles and wax melts

Because honestly, just over it. I use to love looking at the packaging through out the years but when you start forgetting what year one was, you should probably let it go. Not to mention obviously as the years go on, it loses it’s scent slowly. I’m really trying to justify this to myself lmao. Why am I like this.

Plan out blog posts better/finish those drafted posts just hanging out in the queue

I have a note on my phone of blog posts I want to write and for which blogs but I also draft blog posts when I feel like writing about something at that moment. The problem with that is I don’t usually post them because “it’s not the ideal posting time” or you know, that fleeting feeling is now gone. I told myself I started this blog to write more about my life and my mental health freely. And I haven’t been sticking to that as much as I had planned to. Yes it’s disappointing when you worked on a blog post and no one sees it, and yes I’d love to make money blogging, but I also need to remember why I started blogging at 13 also.

Bake something

I keep telling myself I’ll bake something Fall-ish one of these years and I never do, I really want to this year. Esp since the kiddo is big enough to eat food now.

Prep for all things Christmas

Yes, in October. Because the months leading to December go by quick. And they always do. Then I’m left feeling unprepared. So I’m going to really try to avoid that this year.

Are you doing Blogtober?

14 thoughts on “Happy Blogtober!

  1. What a stressful situation! I’m glad you guys are starting to get settled. I can’t even imagine the rage fit I’d be having in a similar situation. You’re totally right about Christmas, too. It comes out of nowhere!

  2. Hi! Happy blogtober and nice to “meet” you. I like your writing style! Looking forward to your posts, Anna 🙂

  3. Why is the candle hoarding so relatable? I’m the same, pretty sure I have about 4 pumpkin spice candles and that is not including the wax melts (of all the same scent!) why am I like this? hahah
    I completely forgot it was blogtober too but Happy blogtober regardless!

  4. Baking is also on my to-do list and like your kids one of my kids is old enough to enjoy the food. I want to bake a halloween theme cake

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