Monday Mindfulness Manifestation

We got our keys to our new place last weekend; so now we’re in the process of moving things through out the week. I ended up with a migraine the day we got our keys and honestly getting sick the week or right after I move has always been a thing and I’m so over it. Like come on body, we move every year for the last 10 years. Sometimes twice. Get with the program, we got shit to do!

OCD freak out aside (when it comes to the bedroom, hardcore); I’m suuuper excited to start setting up and decorating the office/the kiddo’s room. Half will be my office and the other half will be her “room” or her “space”. So far she’s not digging being in there by herself. She has a problem with not being able to SEE us so I’m not exactly sure how to make it easier on her. We have a much bigger kitchen with a beautiful breakfast island. But no built in bookshelves. Weird. I mean I could always install some on the walls if I really want to, which I might actually do this time. I’m also really excited to be able to use my desktop again!

This week is definitely going to be a challenge for me. But I’m hoping it really won’t be as hard/bad as I think it’ll be. My husband and my brother in law who’s helping but know how picky I am about things and how my OCD acts up so they’re usually really careful and respectful to not send me into a straight up anxiety attack when it comes to moving.

This week I definitely want to manifest the fact that it’s okay, you can do this. Everything that’s “dirty” can be cleaned. It’s absolutely not the end of the world and once everything is set up then you can disinfect to your heart’s content!! Everything will be fine. There’s no reason to stress or worry or feel overwhelmed. You have people who understand your OCD and anxiety there to help you.

I also want to manifest that it’s okay to get rid of things that don’t serve me anymore; this is something I struggle with sooo very hard. And it’s something I need to really work on and come to terms with. I’m holding on to too much old stuff from my old life that I really need to let go of. Letting go of things that may be holding your emotions in a bad place isn’t healthy and 2020 is all about figuring things out and being more mindful. Even if that means letting things go. I’m getting antsy just thinking about it. Damn.

But I need to be able to have space for new things. Better things. Things that can benefit my family.

What is something you want to manifest this week? Do you also have a problem with letting things go?

2 thoughts on “Monday Mindfulness Manifestation

    1. Congrats!!

      I’m so weird about my books, candles and certain clothing. But when my husband was like “here’s ANOTHER candle box” the 4th time I was over it. I’m like ok, this is why we blog. Archive the memories AND THROW IT AWAY lol!

      I slimmed down my book collection when I moved from FL to TX since I usually prefer hard cover books and I don’t have book shelves right now.

      Being an adult is hard lol.

      And thank you!

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