Friday Finds

It’s moving week. Which means the last few days in the apartment I’m currently at. Of all the apartments in Texas I’ve lived in, this one has been my favorite so far. Despite you know, being way too close to my in law’s house. The location (other than that) is so cute. When we moved in it was up and coming with a ton of fun small businesses. But since COVID hit, some of those small businesses have had to close down and it’s so so sad to see. There was also a coffee shop downstairs (that’s now closed) that got me addicted to Cold Brew. But so far, no one has made it like this place does! And I’m so sad they’re gone! A few new small businesses have also moved in; I can’t wait to see what this place will be like in a year or two.

Our new place is clear across town; somewhere I can reset and start over. It’s also another up and coming area and things are getting completed super fast. There’s a lot around us and there’s only going to be more. I absolutely can not wait to see what businesses move in around us! And also, for the first time I don’t have a pool view. As much as I loved it in my last place, I’ve also hated it. People aren’t the best at following pool curfews or you know, not blasting music.

This week… I’m not sure what I’ve been doing besides stressing. And reading various articles on sites like The Every Girl and Food52. I’ve been trying to read more since it’s almost time for my annual October Reading Challenge and because I went a little crazy on NetGalley after 3 years of not even logging in.

On to the links;

〉My SIL linked me to something on The Pioneer Woman and tbh I’ve never been on that site. There’s a ton of cute Halloween idea’s on there including this one of Best Halloween Desserts. I do want to try and bake more when we move since we’ll have a bigger kitchen! And since this is the first Fall I don’t have to skip in order to save money for a vacation (that won’t even happen) I really want to do all things Fall this year!

They’ve also compiled a list of this years Fall snacks you can find in stores now! I’m a sucker for seasonal snacks. So this blog post is definitely going to be bookmarked!

〉I’m not the cook in the household but this list of 19 Cozy Chicken Recipes For Fall is getting me excited for Thanksgiving. I’m no contact with my in-laws which means I won’t be going over there for Thanksgiving or Christmas. And tbh, I grew up spending Thanksgiving alone mostly. So spending it with a huge amount of people makes me really uncomfortable. I do hope some day that when Tums is older we’ll just do Thanksgiving at our house and come up with our own traditions.

〉ICYMI I reviewed a book preview of Lore by Alexandra Bracken this week and I wrote about the 3 Bay Area eats I miss.

〉Sarah from See The Stars shares 25 Small Disney Shops. There’s so many awesome indie shops that I’ve been into lately, it’s crazy!

〉Food52 shared 10 Los Angeles Bakeries To Visit and it’s seriously making me miss living in Cali! Such a vast diversity of food there, everywhere.

What are some interesting links you’ve stumbled on this week? Or what types of posts did you find yourself gravitating to?

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