Friday Finds

The weeks are just zipping by, but I say that every Friday, don’t I?

This week was filled with making tons of phone calls, sorting moving stuff and trying to sort my stuff before we have to start packing. I’m so awful at getting rid of things and I really need to start slimming down on the stuff I have and the stuff I buy in the future. I’m a stress shopper and I really need to start being a stress SAVER. I invested a bit in some Pinterest/Instagram templates and now that I have I’m like what can I post next… while I have a TON of content pending, I tend to feel like ehh, maybe now isn’t the best time then I miss the seasonal window.

I got back on FFXIV, kinda. There’s so much to catch up on and honestly all I did was change my gear cause even then, the upgrade from the last time I was on in insane in terms of the ilvl (the item level; the higher the item level the less squishy you are). I’m told in order to keep leveling my crafters (I’m a total crafter in any game I’m on) I’m going to have to do Main Story Quests and more dungeons. Sigh. Weird ass Shadowbringers requirements. I also hopping back on Animal Crossing and HOLYYY WEEDS.

On to the links;

〉Sarah at See The Stars lists the best hashtags for Instagram. I have such a big love/hate relationship with Instagram but I enjoy posting pics and looking at other peoples pics. I just hate the algorithm and how hard it is lately to grow on that platform.

〉Lately I’ve been on the hunt for healthy lunches I don’t have to warm up; here’s 15 Lunch Recipes from The Every Girl. Look how colorful they all are!

〉I posted 5 Self Care Products I Swear by on hazearella this week! Which has also made me realize… I need to update some of my older blog posts.

〉How cute is Marissa’s blog over at marsybun? Head over to her blog to see a few more Photo Editing Apps! Some of these I’ve never heard of and I’m so curious to see how they work!

〉I recently started using Bloglovin again and I forgot how much I love how organized you can keep blog posts you’re bookmarking for later. Rachel from Finding Joy talks about how This Year Still Matters.

I try not to pay much attention to Covid stories and articles anymore; it got too much for my mental health. Though staying up to date on the decline or the progress of this virus is something that you should be aware of.

I hope you all are doing well. Staying safe and healthy.

Did you find any cool links this week? I’d love if you shared them in the comments below!

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  1. I absolutely love this idea and it’s actually made me want to start doing a post like this 🤔 love how all the links you’ve included are so versatile!

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