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The weeks are just zooming by I feel like. We’re already in the ninth month of 2020. But it feels like 2020 has been going on for like 20 years itself. I’m not stressing about “the new normal” as much now as I was in the beginning, but I am still paranoid and stressing over how to keep myself and the kiddo safe and healthy. The problem is we can take every precaution and a 3rd party member can just ruin everything for us.

This week Tums as been watching someone named Blippi over Daniel Tiger so I guess I can’t be that mad. He’s less annoying that Daniel. She also WALKED ON HER OWN this week!! I’m so proud of her!! She takes small steps by herself on the bed when she’s watching her cartoons but if you ask her to do it she’ll definitely act like she has no idea what you’re talking about. We settled on an apartment to move to, thank goodness. Heard my mother in law has been asking my husband where we’re moving to and it’s seriously making me uncomfortable.

Maybe I should just start weekly recap posts cause this is already way too long lmao.


〉I should probably talk about this on my mama blog but eh, it’s ok lol. I stumbled on Mom Wife Wine where she shares 3 Tips to Stop Sweating the Small Stuff (which I’m 100% guilty of doing). I’m trying to focus more of my posts on wellness and mental health.

〉The Faux Martha is a blog I’ve been following for as long as I can remember! She shares a super easy Iced Latte recipe and I’m here for it!

〉I’ve also dived into the deep end of other people’s mental health posts like The Good Pillar’s Mindfulness posts.

〉ICYMI I shared 4 Blogging Apps I Swear By here on this blog; and I shared 5 Self Care Products I Swear By on hazearella. Managing 3-4 blogs is starting to look… difficult lol. And I’m not even gonna talk about Instagram! I’ve been spending more time on Twitter.

〉I’m All Booked Up shares 31 YA reads to start before Halloween; some of these are on my forever TBR, this year’s TBR, some are on my favorites list (like Hex Hall). This list seriously got me in the Halloween mood!

Did you find any cool links this week? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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