4 Blogging Apps I Swear By

When smartphone’s became a thing I remember wishing for a phone that I could blog on. This was still years in the making but as technology started to creep that way, it took longer than my impatient self could handle. Now that we actually can blog from our phones has been such an amazing thing to witness and realize that technology, no matter how long it took, has come a long way.

With that said; here’s 4 mobile app’s that making blogging that much easier.

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WordPress App

This one should be super obvious! I’m not a fan on the new WordPress DOT com editor as sometimes it will lag or freeze my laptop. But the fact I can either draft or just write down a whole post if I wanted to, I could is just SO much easier! I also found that you can even attach your domain hosted blogs from another provided!

It wasn’t until maybe around 2012 when Smartphones allowed you to actually blog and it was through the browser. It’s so crazy to see how far technology has come. And how long I’ve been obsessed with blogging. Now that there’s actual app’s that allow you to fully write, customize and schedule your posts all from your phone still blows my mind!

The WordPress app is so helpful and if you use either WordPress DOT com or DOT org I highly suggest it!


Graphic Design just got easer. Especially when you’re using your phone more than a computer. It also helps that they have pre-made templates already optimized for whatever social media graphic you need. Canva on an actual computer I feel like offers even more options. I use Canva for almost everything graphic design wise. It’s definitely been a game changer for me and for lots of other bloggers.

Canva is easy for even those who have zero graphic design experience; it’s as simple as click and change. Or rather tap if you’re on the phone. Uploading your own photos into the templates is super easy. There’s also a Canva Stories app but I haven’t used it too much. My Instastories could use some help but I’ll get around to learning that stuff later.


I’ve fallen in love with this app! I’ve had this app on my phone for awhile and I’ve recently used to make my Monday Mindful Manifestation quotes. I also use it to tag my photos, the options and font choices are fun and easy to use! In a tech world full of apps that require you to purchase, it’s nice to find a simple one that does what you need it to do — without worrying about paying a subscription.

I typically send my G7x photos to my phone and edit it on Lightroom then tag it on WordSwag. It makes bulk editing SO much faster and easer. And everything is right there ready on my phone to be posted!

Adobe Lightroom

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what the hype was with Lightroom until pretty much this year. I’ve always used Adobe Photoshop to edit my photos when it came to Adobe products and I always figured why would I use Lightroom when I could easily just use Photoshop? For one; Photoshop and Lightroom on the phone are much different than the desktop version.

My bff actually bought some presets and shared them with me and since then I’VE BEEN HOOKED. Not just on finding even more presets but how fun and simple editing photos is thanks to Lightroom! It’s super easy to save your own presets as well and unlike with other photo editing apps you don’t have to pay to store more of your presets! That was one thing I didn’t like about other photo editing apps like VSCO.

It’s taken such a long time since I have found my staple blogging apps and I’m so happy I finally have! There’s so many different apps to choose from which makes trying and discovering new ones that much more fun! So just because these work for me, doesn’t mean they’ll work for you and that’s totally okay!

What are some blogging apps you swear by?

17 thoughts on “4 Blogging Apps I Swear By

  1. I loveeeee the WordPress App! It is so handy and helpful. I like to proof read a blog post on my phone the most! I love Canva but I have gotten so used to it on my laptop (I use it for work) I am not sure if I would benefit from using the app. I have never heard of WordSwag before. I also need to free up some storage on my phone so I can use Lightroom again! Great post! xx

    1. I’m not a fan of the new WordPress editor — it lags my laptop sometimes so I’ll draft a post on the app and format it on my laptop lol! It’s definitely helpful!

      I just started using Canva on the laptop and there are SO MANY more options than on the app! So you’re probably right lol. But that’s awesome you use it for work!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hazel, Thanks for sharing this amazing article your list of apps are amazing. When on the move these apps are very useful for every blogger. Excellent article 😍😍

    1. Of course I will!

      My BFF and I use to blog in the Xanga days when we’d have to do our own HTML and she totally thought it was still like that. I’m like uhhh it hasn’t been like that for years lmao!

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