Monday Mindful Manifestation

Annnd I’m back!

This week has been a bit of a blur; I did manage to finish some books which is always good but now I’ve dove into the never ending hole of ooh let’s add this to the wishlist crap. I still have high hopes I’ll finish a few more of my Fall TBR so I can move on to a few retellings in September.

I’m going to save the small weekly recap part of this post for the end because the photos came out a bit larger than I expected.

I have a tendency to do this; I dream big and I plan big and tbh some people find that uncomfortable or outside of THEIR comfort zone and project that on to ME making me feel like my plans, goals or ideas are too big and honestly who gets to say that about someone else’s life? Ironically I’ve found that the people who’ve never chased a dream, had a BIG idea or moved away/refuse to move away from their comfort zone are the exact people who will make you feel like you’re wrong.

It’s hard to know who these people are because they can be anyone in your life without you even knowing it. And if it’s someone whos opinion you value, it’ll influence you to rethink your goals. And honestly that’s not going to help anyone. I’ve learned that suppressing your dreams to make someone else comfortable kills a part of yourself.

I need to realize that it doesn’t matter WHO someone IS in my life, if they have the audacity to make me feel small knowing that I DREAM BIG (always have, always will) then they’re not the people I need to be speaking to.

I try to surround myself with like-minded people and people who are either on their way to where I want to be or who have been there. It helps to surround yourself around people who have the same goals as you, to bounce idea’s off of or just to talk to and vent to on the day it seems like a lot.

This is my intention for the week; to remember that not everyone wants to see you win. And that’s fine, just make sure to not let those people get you down.

A few things that happened this week;

There has been a lot of Fall and candles and Fall candles going on this week. Target has slowly started putting out their Fall stuff. And I do mean slowly . I managed to get one of my favorite post Kickboxing snacks from college: Strawberry Shortcake from Marble Slab Creamery. Finally got another PS4 controller. Opted for one that ISN’T PlayStation after my horrible experiences with the dang Rose Gold ones. And a lot of Tums being super clingy, especially when she sleeps lately. It’s ok, I’m here for it.

I NEVER wear dresses, skirts or shorts and if I do, it’s NEVER above the knee. But I wore this romper this weekend because it was just way too hot. I hate dry heat. I can survive humidity just fine, but dry heat is the worst in my opinion! Tums does have a matching outfit and we were going to take pictures in front of Jollibee since they finally opened… but there was literally a 3+ hour wait IN THE DRIVE THRU. It was insane!! So, that didn’t happen. We found this cute pond/fountain and decided there instead.

I finished up some paper work with the place we’re moving in to and there’s a Marble Slab Creamery nearby! I picked up my post Kickboxing snack from college: a Strawberry Shortcake! Speaking of; with the urge of my cousin I decided to remake my food blog. I’m pretty excited! I know I talk about food across my blogs but it’s nice for it to have a home home again!

I’m so ready for Fall!

What is something cool that happened to you this week? Do you set intentions for your week? I’d love to know what they are if you do!

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