Friday Finds (4)


Am I the only one who absolutely loves reading posts like this? I got this idea from Lark & Linen’s Monday Musings and Joy The Baker’s Let It Be Sunday; two blogs I’ve been reading for what feels like FOREVER. I have to admit I look forward to both of these blog posts of theirs every week!

Then again I’m pretty much a sucker for all things round up post like. I know I love lists but dang, do I love them  that  much? The answer is yes, yes I do.

And because this is a  mental health blog (technically), I think I’ll add something I’m thankful for every week (I use to do weekly recap posts on my old old personal blog and I honestly miss doing them but I don’t think there’s an audience here for that). I need to sprinkle MORE positivity into my life (cause you can’t have too much, I hope)!

I usually only run errands on Sat (tbh it’s the ONLY DAY I get to get out of the house, no joke) but last Saturday I got to run them in one of my current favorite cities. It also turned into a foodie day of yummy Macarons, cupcakes, a new chicken place find and donuts that my husband and baby ate before I could even have one. So there’s that lol. But also this week I spent some time texting my childhood bff turned DOCTOR and of course it’s always a good week when my bff AJ can squeeze some time to call or you know, we align our days so that we’re both awake at the same time lol. Adulthood is hard, but the fact that my friends who are states away make me feel like I’m never alone really speaks volumes and I love them all to The Death Star and back!


This week I’ve been super focused on somehow getting Google AdSense into my other WordPress blog but I’m having a bit of trouble figuring that out so I’ve been researching different ways to monetize my blog.

— I stumbled on Twins Mommy and their post on the8 Popular Blog Niches That Drive Traffic (as well as a TON of other blogging resources)

— I got sucked into The House of Sequins summer blog posts from home décor to summer outfits

— Anyone else ready to start posting about Fall? I’m trying to get all my Spring/Summer content out of the way but I’ve been ITCHING to start! Ell shared 100 Blogtober (do you do this? I try to every year) Post Ideas

— Soph shares The Best Instagram Hashtags for Your Niche

— ICYMI I talked about the 4 Reasons Why I Blog

— I reviewed the Colourpop x Mulan collection on my beauty blog hazearella

— Antonia at Sweet Passions shares Podcasts To Listen To if You’re Bored

— Kayleigh shares a massive list of 35 Resources for Bloggers

Tums is sitting next to me on the bed watching her shows on the Kindle she took from me lol. But she’s holding my hand. It’s like lately she  needs to be able to touch me in order to feel comfortable, she’s so adorable. Guess that means time to go start night time mama duties; like watching Baby Shark (in Thai btw somehow) with her on repeat or Daniel Tiger (oh how he annoys me).

What are some interesting links you stumbled on this week?


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