Monday Mindful Manifestation

Kamusta ka?

I know I missed 2 other blog posts last week and I’m hoping I’ll have time to make up for it this week; that’s just life. I got caught up in rebuilding hazearella which I’m proud of the results at the end of the week!

This week I want to focus on not letting what other people say about me bother me as much. Over the years I have found that the people who know the least about you have the most to say. I don’t know where they get that confidence otherwise maybe they are simply just projecting; who knows!

I want to focus on the fact that because they don’t know who I am they don’t get a say in who I am and the only person who can decide who I am is me.

Don’t let other peoples reaction to who I am change me either; I’m guilty of this recently.

My sister in law (who I haven’t had any contact with since that convo in January and ironically who works in mental health) called me a bitch while their mom and other sisters “called me out” and so since I was being called a bitch I decided they get to see me be a bitch.

I let my anger speak for me and people who literally don’t know me influence how I decide to act.

I know I’m not a bitch, at all. I have a big heart. I’m compassionate and I never hesitate to show or tell someone I love that I love them. I’m forgiving af and I’m extremely into finding peace, self improvement and spreading positive vibes.

They absolutely don’t know me at all and never took the time personally to, I shouldn’t let my anger speak for me and control my actions. It’s definitely going to take time but I’m confident I’ll get there.

It’s also 430am and I fell asleep twice trying to write this post but hey that’s motherhood life lol so apologies if it got weird or rambly.

What are some intentions you want to set for yourself this week?

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