Friday Finds (3)


I know it’s been quiet here the past week. My intention was to study up on Pinterest marketing and learn all I could about Pinterest ads since I don’t exactly know how to get it to drive traffic to my blog. I posted a bit on my hazearella IG, gotta post all those Spring/Summer product shots before I move into the Fall stuff. I’m also trying to work out a post sched for this blog. I had originally planned to post 3x a week with 2 of those posts being weekly features (such as this one and Monday Mindful Manifestation leaving 1 post open for whatever else. Seemed organized enough but I’m working on the networking part of blogging also.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great week! It’s finally the weekend though with Covid it hardly feels like anything to celebrate or plan for anymore.

Geez, I’m just dark today I guess. ON TO THE LINKS.

➠ Camillea at Camillea Reads shares 5 resources that make her a better blogger.

➠ I’ve been a big fan of The Kitchn for years; here’s 20 ways to turn a baked potato into dinner!

➠ ICYMI I published my Summer edition of 3 weekly things I do as self care.

➠ Blair at Blair Staky shares How to write a perfect blog post (I’m going back to the basics).

➠ I also posted a review on Hazearella (after how many years) of something I’m obsessed with; Expressie by Essie. Also, I’m pretty proud of that product shot and I’m trying to find a way to incorporate it here for another blog post.

➠ Jennifer at Simply + Fiercely lists 15 things to declutter that aren’t things (I’m OBSESSED with her blog and she has so many other helpful posts if you’re trying to cut down on  stuff).

You guys should see my open tabs on my laptop and my phone; I’m obviously going through some stuff right now lol. The topics are all over the place and my oh this is a great idea list is getting longer which means I should probably do some of them, huh self? Yeah we’re working on it. I hope.

Either way, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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