3 Weekly Things I Do As Self Care

It’s 355am, clearly sleeping isn’t one of them. At least without a sleeping aid. I’ll get that checked, some day (that’s another story for another post).

Welcome to the summer edition of this sort of feature I suppose. As seasons change so do our routines and surroundings. Self care is more of a journey than a destination and my ways of caring for myself change every now and then. It’s always interesting to see what I’ll add and what I’ll take away. And even more interesting when I don’t even noticed I’ve added something until I look back at my camera roll (please say I’m not the only one).

That pandemic is still in full force; possibly in even more fuller force? At least here in Texas it seems to be getting worse. But we all knew that was going to happen, right? Still, it’s starting to test the limits of my anxiety and intrusive thoughts. I’m honestly surprised it took 3 months for it to start itching but I still need to get it under control. FAST. Of course when there’s a life threatening virus no one can see and can be easily transported ANYWHERE it’s kind of hard to not be paranoid (my husband’s uncle tested positive very recently but thankfully his mom and himself tested negative, though I’ve heard of false results and my ocd is RUNNING TO THE MOON with that info let me tell you).


Buying Myself Flowers

This was something I did weekly during my second DCP (Disney College Program). My ex husband wasn’t someone who ever bought me flowers (he thought they were dumb and a waste of money. Along with dates and gifts and celebrating anniversaries. Idk, honestly) so I decided to buy myself flowers every week when I did my groceries and tbh, it was so much fun. Picking out different types from different places and seeing which ones I liked the best. This was in 2013. I’ve always came back to the idea but never actually did it again.

Until now.

It’s Peony season and I missed it last year. Being from Florida it’s not like Peonies or Calla’s were ever not in season. But when you move to a state that gets below 30° some months, I guess you know. Flowers can’t thrive in that or whatever. As soon as Ponies started popping up at stores I was buying them! I’ve found there are two different types that get carried here: your regular Peonies and something called Brazilian Peonies. Didn’t know that was a thing, til now. I also managed to find some Calla’s (in a pot, they didn’t survive. I tried ya’ll).

I’m hoping to keep this up for the rest of the year.

Snacking Before Bed

Most of the time after my bath I’m SUPER thirsty. And when I was pregnant all I wanted was Apple Juice. But lately it’s been Orange Juice I want. So I usually have a cup ready in my mini fridge in the bathroom. Or if it’s early enough I’ll ask my husband to prep me a cup along with either a slice of Cheesecake Factory bread or a Banana. And it really helps me relax before bed. I can’t really explain it. But I just love fruits and they’re so refreshing!

Breakfast In Bed With Tums

This is something SUPER new; since hubs switched to an earlier shift and he’s not able to make/bring us brunch before work anymore I had to think of breakfast-y things for me and Tums. Since we sleep earlier now, she wakes up earlier (like freakin 8-9am early and I’m NOT and NEVER HAVE BEEN a morning person). The earlier I wake up, the hungrier I get and I’m sure her as well. I want her to get in the habit of eating food 3 times a day if I can.

Sharing a Cherry Danish with her has been so fun. She takes the smallest bites but she really enjoys them and watching her crawl around talking between bites has been the highlight of my mornings!

I originally thought to do Uncrustables (which is still a thing) but I found these Danish’s and zomg they’re amazing. I’m obsessed with them!

Switching Out Wax Melts

Bonus! But this is something I do daily. Hubs has a habit of buying me wax melters. I have a handful of them. But there’s one on my shelf that’s really pretty and I decided to start melting wax again. Lately I’ve been going through my stash of Zeep wax melts. The Lemon one is amazing for anxiety relief and I’m in love with Baby Love and La La Land which is one I’m down to my last cube of. I’m in the process of trying all the lavender ones… without realizing it.

I actually have a ton of different wax melts I love, I should write a post about that some day since it does fall under self care!

I’m all about aromatherapy and I like my home to smell good at all times, this is a super big thing for me. Candles is something my mom always had lit every night and there’s something about a dark hallway with nothing but lit candles at the altar (and a huge Jesus painting staring at you, I guess) that just makes me feel like it’s Christmas time. I want Tums to have memories like this about me — things I do every season or regularly without fail. Something she can do herself no matter where she is and feel closer to home.

With all this talk of covid I’ve been trying to eat better and healthier. I just forgot how quickly fresh food goes bad and how you need to cook it, NOW. If only frozen lettuce was like, a thing, right?! I’ve been trying to incorporate more veggies and fruits into Tums meals also. Thankfully she loves veggies and fruits. I just gotta find something that’ll last till the end of the week!

What are some ways you’re practicing self care this summer?

6 thoughts on “3 Weekly Things I Do As Self Care

  1. Self care is essential! These are lovely ideas. I love getting flowers, although I have bad hayfever so I try to avoid.

    I got some for my birthday today and I LOVE THEM! They have peonies in which I adore, It really picks me up every time i see them x

    1. Some flowers really kick my allergies up; I love Lilies but they’re such a pain to clean up once they start falling apart + I now have a cat! But Calla’s and Tulips are fine. Some Peonies are ok and some aren’t… it’s so weird!!

  2. I love that you buy yourself flowers every week! I always feel happier when I have flowers on my desk, so I may have to do that myself. Thanks for sharing!

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