Monday Mindful Manifestation

I stumbled on a blog post from writing from nowhere where she created a series of inspiring quotes in wallpaper format.

This one is currently my lock screen wallpaper. I use to change mine out every week with a new quote; it definitely helped me keep myself accountable and focused on my goals. I should start that up again!

I’m slowly starting to see through the brain fog. Key word being slowly but small progress is much better than feeling like you’re standing still, and I’ll take all the small progress I can get!

But I feel my need to create slowly creeping back with ideas and excitement. And I feel my organized thinking fighting to break through and make its way back to me.

I often beat myself up for having mommy brain or postpartum depression or brain fog. It’s literally crazy how you change mentally after giving birth and it’s not always positive. It’s been almost a year and a half and I’m just now starting to feel a little like myself again. And that’s with the help of meds.

This week I want to focus on all the small creative steps and take my time. A step forward is still a step forward! I absolutely love blogging and social media with every fiber of my being and I’ll never give it up. But it doesn’t hurt to learn new things and to work on improving yourself and your craft!

What is something you want to work on this week?

5 thoughts on “Monday Mindful Manifestation

  1. I love the idea of changing it to a new motivational quote every week. Sounds great for a subtle refresh to keep you on track and focused. Progress is still progress even if it’s slow!! x


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