Friday Finds (2)


It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these and tbh most of the stuff I’ve been bookmarking/screenshotting is either Animal Crossing design codes or new snacks I wanna try.

The lock down is starting to get to me; only because Fall is right around the corner and I won’t be able to freely run around and do all the fun Fall things I wait all year for. So here’s to hoping the second Animal Crossing Summer update is gonna be epic + there will be tons of new snacks and products to try!

Erin @ Girly Geek shares this beautiful apartment she made on Sims 4 City Living (I’m hoping to get my PS4 controller working again cause I miss playing Sims and FFXIV, but this I think can only be achieved on a desktop.. but goodness it’s epic).

Shea @ A Day With Shea shares 5 podcasts for female entrepreneurs (I’m all about manifestation and mindset lately; the fact they’re all accessible from Spotify is even better). 

Cyn @ Cynspo shares 7 ways you can include practicing gratitude into your daily routine.

Sarah @ Boxnip talks about building traffic on existing pins on Pinterest.

I recapped my June in case you missed it. Just a warning; June, July and August are really weird months for me mentally and emotionally.

Animal Crossing World shares with us the house exteriors and their personality types of current villagers. You know, for island aesthetic purposes.

Vicky @ Kabukirune shares the 5 Best Low Light Houseplants (I’ve been trying to make more of an effort with plants and creating a more “zen” ambience with my apartment and I definitely need this list lol).

What are some links you found interesting or useful this week? Link them below! I’m always up for interesting reads!

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