Recap 2020; June

Damn I’m inconsistent huh? It’s ok, I hate that about myself too.


To be honest I spiraled into another pit of depression and I can’t remember too much of June. I don’t think I even did much. The Covid thing really messes up my posts like this but it does force me to find other ways to be creative and discover other things to love that aren’t products or require me to go shopping.

Thank goodness for my camera roll or I’d have ZERO idea what I even did in June! But it looks like a lot of Animal Crossing!

We’ve had a few thunderstorms (which I’m LIVING for) and a few more hot as hell days. I’m not going to format this like the last recap posts simply because: Tums stole my Kindle from me so I haven’t been reading and my controller SOMEHOW randomly stopped working so I haven’t been watching anything on the PS4. I ended up taking one of hubby’s controllers that did manage to still work. Ugh. I don’t know what it is about the rose gold controllers but both of mine have stopped working?! Maybe I just need a whole new system, who knows. And of course because of Covid, we haven’t really been going anywhere other than the grocery store or running errands.

2020-06-08 03.49.45

I have been trying to cook more and make food more. Hubby got switched over to morning shifts so I’ve been trying to find some fun quick breakfast idea’s for me and Tums. I discovered she likes kiwi and strawberries. Cause she will literally pick those out of her bowl and finish them all. I swear there’s a waffle under there, somewhere.

2020-06-09 16.28.51

Tums has also been really into walking practice whenever she’s awake. I took her to the pool when it opened back up just to get some fresh air and all she did was pull me around in circles around the pool. Silly girl. She’s somehow developed this thing where she won’t walk unless someone is holding her hand, even though she knows HOW to walk. I’m confused by this logic.

I had a pamper night with a LUSH Bubble Bar Tums got me for Mother’s Day and a new Essie polish I picked up. I’ve always wanted to try this formula and let me tell you: if you hate waiting for polish to dry, THIS is a freakin holy grail. It dries SO fast and it’s so easy to apply! I just wish it came in more colors.

I loved this Bubble Bar even though the tail part confused me for a moment; the only downside is that I somehow only managed to get one bath out of the entire Bubble Bar. It smelled amazing though.

2020-06-06 19.05.25

Did we venture all the way to Dallas to get Carl’s Jr? Yes.

Did we do it again the next weekend? Also yes.

Do I regret either trip? Hell. No.

It’s funny how you take certain things that are always there for granted. There’s a Carl’s Jr like literally 2 minutes from my parents house I use to stop by if I didn’t grab anything else. 9 years away from home and this is the first time I had Carl’s Jr SINCE then. There weren’t any in Florida and the only one near me here in Texas is in Dallas. Insane right?

2020-06-20 16.36.45

Speaking of places that aren’t here; Jollibee in Dallas was suppose to open in April. Covid pushed that back to June so I thought they were opening since people on Yelp were reviewing them. Nope. It was pushed back to July. I was HEARTBROKEN. I still am.

But I found another Filipino place that served Filipino BBQ and Soipao. Then I went to L&L over there cause I know they serve Tocino all day and made my own Filipino happiness bowl.

I need to go back. This shit was heavenly. I wish more Filipino places would open up closer to us and not over the bridge to Dallas; but it is what it is.

2020-06-06 05.27.34-2

It’s finally Peony season so I’ve been grabbing some every weekend since June started and I’m loving it. I’ve had two different types of Peonies so far and I had no idea there was more than one type! I also managed to find Calla’s but they’re potted. Hopefully I can keep those alive!

2020-06-06 16.31.28

As someone with OCD this pandemic can be really difficult; I absolutely need disinfectant wipes, I use them for everything and it’s been so hard to find them. I have to scout a number of websites daily to catch any that are back in stock.

I discovered these on a recent Target trip and I am obsessed! They smell amazing and one bottle lasted me 3 weeks. Of every day laundry, at least 2-3 loads a day! Because it’s “concentrated” you don’t need as much and it makes LOTS of bubbles, which I like. So far I’ve tried the first two and the scent really stays with the clothes/sheets.

2020-06-23 10.15.38

I’ve been catching up on some Animal Crossing, being a mother has truly screwed up my sleep schedule like I would had never known. I try to squeeze in some “me time” while Tums is still asleep. I’m not happy with my island so I’m working on little bits and pieces but I’m awful at terraforming. My “style” is nothing like what I want. If that makes sense. I know what I want it to look like but for some reason I just can’t do it. So I’m really trying to move out of my comfort zone.

2020-06-07 05.25.26

I’ve been snacking on cherries every day; they’re something my mom had in the house every summer and they definitely shout summer time to me. And they’re soo good! I wish there was somewhere in TX you could go cherry picking, maybe when Tums is older I’ll take her to Cali one summer to go cherry picking like I use to when I was a kid!

These popped up on my throwback folder. These are photos from at least 2008. My parents house doesn’t have AC so hot summers were really hot. I hate how this apt feels like winter year round, I never feel like it’s spring or summer but Bubba can’t stand “hot” weather. I don’t get the logic either. And yes that’s my childhood room, I was obsessed with Linkin Park in high school. There’s also a B2K poster up there and a flyer for The Debut movie when it came out in theaters.

The other photo is a necklace my dad gave me. I don’t remember why he did, but he did and I keep it locked in a safe which my mom lost the key for. So that’ll be fun to break open when I get home.

My dad has given me a handful of things and I wish I could remember why/or the stories behind them. But my mind has been fog since I gave birth and it’s honestly a bit frustrating. But I’m definitely thinking back to summers in Cali.

Since the lock down has been lifted have you been anywhere fun? I’m keeping my family on lock down for the rest of 2020, or until Tums gets her shots updated!

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