Animal Crossing Update (2)

I totally started this as to be a weekly thing and it just didn’t work out that way.

I’ve beat the game and I’ve honestly been time traveling like crazy. I just get so bored staying still. But also I want to design my island a certain way so I keep hopping to Nov in search of the mushroom diy’s. I know this is gonna kill my fun when Nov actually comes, but I’m impatient.

I’ve also cycled through a few villagers recently. I’m trying to get different personality types to get their diy’s before I actually go for my dreamies. But it is nice to stumble on one that ends up being a dreamie; like Chrissy and Peck were mystery island finds and I love them both so much. Filbert was one of my starters and he’s absolutely not going anywhere.

I’ve also been on the hunt for certain Celeste diy’s. Right now it’s the Star Nova diy I’m after and she keeps giving me wand after wand.

2020-06-24 00.25.12-1

I find so much inspo everywhere but when it comes to my own island I’m hating everything I’m making; I do love this star gazing spot I made, I’m thinking of getting rid of or making that pond smaller though to make more room for it.

2020-06-24 00.25.38

My accidental zen area right across from my house. I really like how this turned out even if it’s in such a small space. I’m going to create another zen/hot springs kind of area somewhere else but this was a happy accident!

2020-06-21 10.19.13

I’ve tried redoing my entrance multiple times but I just hate everything I’ve been coming up with. I want more waterfalls and a path way but I’m not exactly sure how to make one. I hate that the cliffs other side is pretty much flat and looks like it came out of nowhere.

Then again I feel like the beauty of this game is that your island is forever a work in progress. I’m slowly getting it to how I want it, but I’m also kind of just making it up as I go along. Maybe I’ll figure something out on accident!

2020-06-24 00.25.31

Another happy accident is the area leading to the shops. I went a little crazy with breaking the ground and made a huge pond. It was therapeutic for some reason lol. But I love how it turned out. Now to just figure out how to design the front of the shops lol! I also made a mini Turnip area to the right that’s housing some ants right now. I haven’t done Turnips in a few weeks but I did do some this week and it was the prefect area of space for all of them, so yay!

I really want to aim for a cottage/fairycore type of feel but it’s hard for me to just randomly throw things around despite loving how it looks on other peoples islands. I still have a few other idea’s to try, so hopefully those work out!

I feel like this post was all over the place lol, sorry. I just woke up from a nap with the kiddo. But I am active in the Animal Crossing Twitter community here!

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