May The 4th Be With You ✨

If there’s one solid tradition Bubba and I have kept our entire relationship it’s celebrating May The 4th. I’m such a huge Star Wars fan and I miss when they had Star Wars weekends at Hollywood Studios parks! Those were so fun!

I haven’t been able to get back to the parks since Star Wars land has opened but believe me, I am  counting. down. until. I. do!

Bubba went all out for this years May The 4th celebration; we actually celebrated on the 2nd since he works on the 4th but he cooked up a whole spread of different foods.

He even named them different things so we have Rebel Ribs, Porg Legs, Obi-WanCoroni, Galaxy Grapes on Lightsabers (yes he even made lightsabers), Yoda Soda (we got this idea off Pinterest, same with the Porg Legs) and the chocolate dipped marshmallows were suppose to be Stormtroopers but we were running out of time (and energy tbh) so I just replicated my favorite Disney snack which are the white chocolate dipped mallows with sprinkles.

The upside to working for Candy Cauldron? Knowing how to replicate the snacks exactly! I don’t do this often btw, just for special occasions and when I’m hardcore missing Disney; mine is missing the magic.

This year we also wore Star Wars shirts in celebration! Tums of course spent her second May The 4th the same way she spent her first one; sleeping lol.

We watched The Rise of Skywalker finally and we were both pretty upset at the outcome for different reasons; reasons I don’t want to express here but maybe in another blog post. It wasn’t nearly as bad as when Anakin’s bitch ass slayed the younglings or went into some blind messed up rage and ended up hurting his wife but you know, I try not to talk about him cause I’m still not over it lmao.

So now all we have to watch is Rouge One which we started but for some reason never finished.

I had fun with this years celebration and meal, it was definitely something more themed and more festive than our previous years (the first one we celebrated together but in different states we had pizza all weekend and binge watched 1, 2 and 3)!

Curious to see what movie will be out for next years May The 4th or if we’ll be able to just fly to Disney and hang out with the Stormtroopers instead.


9 thoughts on “May The 4th Be With You ✨

  1. This is amazing 😀 I’m so impressed with the food and it looks like such a fun day! I also wasn’t fond of Rise of Skywalker but I’d probably enjoy it more with a day of Star Wars celebration 🙂

    1. Thank you! This is the first time we totally went all out and had a full Star Wars day! My husband came up with all the dishes and they came out so good!

      And OMFGGGGGGGERIUEOIWURIEur I thought there couldn’t possibly be anything more annoying than Anakin turning into Vader BUT I WAS WRONG. SOO WRONG. I’m just. So. CONFUSED by the whole Ben thing lol and kinda mad even though I hated him for years?? Ugh.

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