Weekly Animal Crossing Update (1)

2020-04-14 12.12.18-2

Okay call me obsessed, but! Back when I played Animal Crossing Wild World on the Nintendo DS back in 2006 I had an Animal Crossing blog — I don’t remember what it was called or what the URL is but I really wish I did!

I was so obsessed with the fact that you coulda catch and collect bugs, fossils and fish. Not only that but this owl who runs the museum you donate these things to tells you these really small cute facts about all of them! I played for years, almost daily, okay pretty much daily. And I maxed out my town. I even went out and bought a GameCube to play the first Animal Crossing game. When I say I was obsessed, I was o b s e s s e d.

When Animal Crossing New Leaf came out around 2013, I did the same thing. I  think I have ACWW with me here but I’m not sure. I do know FOR SURE that ACNL is in my DS.

I played Animal Crossing City Folk and that feels like it was  forever ago. I skipped Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer but I did get Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival which was really just a huge ass board game.

Then I told myself I wasn’t going to get a Nintendo Switch until they announced a new Animal Crossing game and when they did, I gave in and bought one.

Gaming is so different when you’re older and have a kid. I can’t just drop $60 in hopes to like a game like I use to. Now I take SO LONG wondering if I’ll like a game and if I’ll realistically commit the time it takes to play it and a million other things before actually BUYING a game. It sucks. I miss the more carefree days lol.

Since getting Animal Crossing New Horizon’s for my birthday I’ve been playing it pretty much nonstop. If you follow me on Twitter you see all the things I’m catching. And the progress being made… kinda.

2020-04-15 10.07.21-1

What’s crazy about ACNH is that the whole island is your oyster. You can fully customize it however you want! You can even decorate your yard! It’s crazy! The island itself, no matter which one you picked is huge. Like it’s crazy how huge these dang islands are. You have the ability to gather materials to craft things — hellooo time consumption! I’m a sucker for games that let you GATHER and CRAFT; hai FFXIV how you doin. Nook also gives you a phone that helps you earn Nook Miles to redeem for various different things as well as other DIY recipes!

But seriously, allow me to fish on a game and I will do it all damn day. When are we gonna be able to cook these dang fish Animal Crossing?!

2020-04-22 13.18.58

They say it takes about 2 weeks of progress to start really unlocking things and yeah, it’s about 2 weeks since I got the game and I just upgraded City Hall yesterday.

2020-04-22 13.19.06

In the 2 weeks I’ve been playing I managed to pay off my house loan twice. I’m finding that I’m not seeing as many fossils as I had hoped to and every time I use Nook Miles to get to an island I keep getting the same 2. I did get Bamboo Island once and for some reason only brought back 2 seeds and now I can’t seem to get back there! I really wanna craft more of the Bamboo stuff!

I did catch some pretty neat things though which is always my favorite part.

I finally caught the turtle I saw that was only out from 10pm – 4am. I actually managed to catch 4 so far! But they do only come out at night.

I also caught an Oarfish… whatever the heck that is but I never caught another one, same with the Blue Marlin and I’ve been to that island twice already! So weird. Haven’t hit shark island either or caught any sharks yet.

2020-04-26 15.35.40

And after many many fails I finally caught a damn Wasp. Hate these things. Speaking of, I don’t wanna talk about Tarantula’s.

2020-04-26 14.22.54

I’ve been trying to cross breed flowers on Animal Crossing since Wild World and never ended up succeeding so I was super excited to find my first hybrid flower here!

Which was sort of short lived cause Tums accidently plucked it the other day. Just that one. In that whole sea of flowers. I don’t know either. But I watered it and it’s sprouting again so. Thank fuckin goodness for that. I recently just learned that the placement of my flowers don’t really provide space for hybrid’s to grow so I’ll be moving these into the section of my island I’ve dedicated as a flower garden anyway and see how that goes.

2020-04-26 14.23.02

I’ve also been working on my graveyard; we’re going for spoopy here not spooky. It’s bad enough I’m friends with the island ghost who likes to show up and make me find his spirit parts at night. But I’m hoping to end up with some black hybrid flowers to put around here with the whites. And some lights.

That’s all I’ve got for my first week or so playing, I hear it takes about 2-3 weeks to fully unlock most things and really get the ball rolling so I’m excited to see what’s next. And to keep attempting to get to shark and back to Bamboo Island!

Are you playing Animal Crossing? What’s some cool things you accomplished this week?


5 thoughts on “Weekly Animal Crossing Update (1)

  1. These are awesome pics! A graveyard is a great idea for the island. I made a bamboo forest and a stargazing campsite for mine. Currently working on creating pathways to connect everything 🙂 If you want some bamboo shoots or actual bamboo I’d be happy to gift you some 🙂✌

    1. I’ve seen some awesome tour videos and I’m amazed what kind of sections people have come up with! I still don’t know how to do paths!

      And thank you so much! I’m STILL trying to get back to bamboo island lol; if I don’t get there today I’ll let you know!

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