My 35th Quarantine Birthday

At the start of this year I was annoyed that my birthday landed on Easter; I hate when my birthday lands on Easter cause that means  everything is closed. So I usually opt to go on vacation for my birthday instead to avoid this.

So I booked a trip to Vegas (where I haven’t been back to in about 13 years) considering I haven’t left Texas since I moved here almost 4 years ago and I am in desperate need to get out and go on vacation. Not to mention last year my birthday was not something I’d like to look back on considering I was suffering from heavy postpartum depression and everyone was acting like they didn’t know wtf it was, so I suffered kinda in silence for a few months.

Then  the quarantine happened and all of us hot headed Aries folks are now stuck at home. To celebrate  in our houses.

I remembered to get Tums birthday balloons and somehow completely forgot to get myself birthday balloons — I don’t know how that happened.


Since it was Easter, Bubba and Tums went to his mom’s to Easter Egg Hunt. It was just Tums and her cousin JR running around… well more like JR running around since Tums can’t walk yet. So I got to sleep in a bit. Bubba had also went over to his mom’s to use their grill to make my Filipino BBQ for me. If there’s one thing I’m constantly craving, it’s definitely Filipino BBQ and Jollibee Spaghetti! I feel like I spelled that wrong. Is it just me?!



So they came home and we set up the living room a bit. I had lunch which was amazing + Tums and I opened our Easter baskets. Changed into my Happy onesie and we did cake. Bubba had a Fairy Tail theme going on for my birthday this year which was really cute. He got inspo for the cake from the one and only Nerdy Nummies!

2020-04-10 05.37.47-1

My basket had a bunch of my favorite things in it — Bubba found me some “Pixie Dust”, my favorite chocolates from Kate and Kinder. My favorite gummy bears, new hoop earrings since I somehow lost mine and I really wanna start wearing earrings again! He also got me a cute top and a dress which isn’t pictured cause it’s under the grass lol. He also got me some Basin Fresh products! I haven’t had these since I lived in Orlando and it’s so nice to have a piece of home here with me.

Then I spent the rest of the day like I usually do on Sunday’s; doing laundry and trying to catch up on blogging.

2020-04-14 03.04.18-1-1

2020-04-16 11.48.24

2020-04-10 05.31.30-1-1

2020-04-13 06.31.50-1

My mom got me Edible Arrangements and a Sephora shopping spree. She also sent me some flowers, got me Animal Crossing and technically got me by Nintendo Switch.

She never really encouraged me to play video games as a kid, her reason was always “video games are for boys” so my dad use to buy me my games and consoles growing up. Now that he’s gone, she’s taken over for it.

I’ve been enjoying Animal Crossing besides how long it takes you to actually build up your town and besides the fact I hate the Switch Lite battery life. I get maybe about 4 hours of play which is weird, even with the settings all set to low. That’s definitely something not most people mention about the Switch Lite. I’m still aiming to get the coral one whenever it comes back in stock, well, hopefully.

I’m hoping this whole situation gets better or at least the panic buying and things constantly out of stock gets under control. But I know that’s wishful thinking. It’s hard to imagine what our lives will be like when this is all over, if it’s ever over. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what our lives were like before this all happened. It’s such a weird time and a weird place to be in right now. But I’m hoping that next year will be better and I’ll be able to celebrate my birthday along with Tums birthday 100% the way I planned to.

Regardless, I still had fun and emotionally I was a lot better than I was last year so that’s always a good thing. It was really sweet of my husband to theme it after Fairy Tail especially since me and Tums have been binge watching it (I will finish this series dammit) lately!

I know 2020 is looking all kinds of dark but I’m still hopeful for a great 35!

And of course, my annual pictures with my girls.

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