35 Things I’ve Learned in 35 Years

My 35th birthday was yesterday, unfortunately I was unable to make sure I had this post up by then because it was a crazy week. I swear now that Tums is a year she has like this endless storage of energy. I’m gonna have to come up with more things for her to do/spend her energy on! The problem is our apartment is smaller than our other apartments so she doesn’t have much room to play and run around; I know we were looking into a 2 bedroom soon and I think it might be time for that now…

  1.  Life is unfair. And timing is a bitch.
  2. Cutting off family for the sake of your mental health is OK despite what anyone says otherwise! People don’t get a pass card just because they’re blood related.
  3. Getting married to your high school sweetheart sounds romantic but it’s anything but. And could end very badly resulting in you losing your lifelong best friend.
  4. People can grow together AND apart and it can ruin everything. People will always be who they are — it’s hard not to confuse who they ARE with who they WERE but completely necessary.
  5. Apparently it’s not ideal to say friends with your ex spouse despite the fact they were your best friend basically your whole life.
  6. It’s COMPLETELY possible to want to be friends with your ex spouse and find them NOT attractive AT ALL. Tbh in my mind my ex husband looks like a potato. Like, the kind you boil. I have no desire or attraction what so ever towards him. It’s funny and interesting all at the same time.
  7. GEEK OUT ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY and fuck anyone who tries to make you feel bad for it!
  8. The people who judge and bully you in high school really DO grow up to be nothin but shit! These people peaked in high school and think they run shit. Don’t worry, when all is said and done and ya’ll graduated, life will get your revenge for you.
  9. Karma doesn’t exist.
  10. Lifelong best friends can block you and stop being your friend over the fact you voted for the “wrong” president. I know, dumb right, but it happens.
  11. Losing a pet never gets easier no matter how old you are.
  12. Learning about financial health is INCREDIBLY FUCKIN IMPORTANT and you should get to it as early as you can!
  13. Learning how to pay bills, especially credit card bills is equally as important.
  14. Shopping to fill a void can be fun, but so incredibly dangerous.
  15. Take as many pictures as you can of everything you can — especially your favorite stuff! And again, fuck anyone who makes you feel bad for it.
  17. 98% of the time, your mom is right. And yes, it does suck.
  18. Trying to “cure” insomnia with various sleeping aids could be a bad idea in the long run.
  19. GET COMFORTABLE WITH BEING UNCOMFORTABLE. Nothing good and no one grew from staying inside of their comfort zone.
  20. If you spend your 20’s not really doing anything productive ITS FINE, life doesn’t start till you’re 30 anyway.
  21. NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS, EVER. This is YOUR life, not anyone else’s. It’s your right to do whatever makes your heart sing.
  22. 80% of the time, marriage isn’t worth it. Don’t @ me.
  23. Never stop learning! Even if you’ve graduated or stopped going to school. Always continue to learn something, anything! Keep your mind active!
  24. Read books. Real books. It might not be cool but at least you won’t be stupid.
  25. Not all gamers can lucid dream.
  26. People will always have shitty things to say and it will hurt. And it will bother you. Especially when they swear they’re right and they’re the farthest thing from right. But remember, it’s a reflection of them, not you.
  27. Read up on mental health, it will explain A LOT about the people around you, trust me.
  28. Make sure you KNOW whoever you marry. Being together/engaged for years before marriage is a way better idea than getting married and realizing you don’t know who the fuck you married.
  29. Blogging my entire life has made me more self aware and I will always be thankful for that.
  30. My mental illness doesn’t define  me but it is part of who I am and in decade + I’ve had it, it’s filtered shitty people out of my life for me. OCD/Anxiety isn’t all bad!
  31. Sometimes you fall in love with a pet and tbh it’s the most amazing thing to experience! To want nothing but to adopt this animal and give it a good life.
  32. Childbirth was fun. Pregnancy was the hard part.
  33. Losing a parent is by far one of the darkest shittiest things I’ve ever had to deal with.
  34. No one has a right to silence you or tell you how to feel about postpartum depression be it after giving birth or losing a baby. Reach out to people, someone. Anyone. Even if the people close to you tell you not to speak of it.
  35. Do everything that makes you happy and makes you feel alive. People will always have an opinion of you and what you’re doing and this and that… but unless they spend every waking minute with you, they don’t know you at all. So do what makes you happy, if they’re gonna talk, give them some shit to talk about!

There’s sooo much more I want to add; I thought I’d struggle with writing this but I’m not lol. I wish I could go back to writing my day every day like I use to, it use to be my therapy but blogging now a days isn’t like that anymore. But maybe I can start a blog, maybe just for me, where I don’t have to focus on pictures or looking perfect and just talk about my day like I use to. That would be fun.

I had a pretty good birthday with all things considered. Like I forgot to get myself balloons, I miss the shipment of my moms flowers, the whole lock down thing. And the fact my birthday fell on Easter. I hate when my birthday falls on Easter. I’ll be posting a blog post on what we did for my birthday some time this week!

I also finally got my hands on a Nintendo Switch (not pink though whomp) and I bought Animal Crossing so I’m suuuuper excited for that this week! I know Tums probably won’t let me play without bothering me but I’m still really excited! Maybe I’ll hide the Switch from her so she doesn’t reach for it or know what it is… her smart ass figured out I kept the Kindle and her headbands under the pillow so now she checks under there for stuff to play with. Sigh lol. I love that she’s curious about EVERYTHING and I hope she stays that way but omg this is gonna test the hell out of my OCD lmao.

13 thoughts on “35 Things I’ve Learned in 35 Years

  1. I have written one of these for my July birthday and I think it is so good for the soul.

    It is really important that we reflect on what we have learnt during our lifetime. Plus it’ll get bigger each year x x

  2. Omg this was so great! I’ve started journaling again after many years and I cannot wait to begin my own list like this! It’s time to remind myself of the lessons I’ve learned (unfortunately, many lessons over and over)

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