Two Year WordPress Anniversary!


I can’t believe I’ve had Places + Peonies for two years now!

I definitely haven’t posted as many blog posts as I wished I had when I started this blog and obviously my Instagram feed isn’t what I had imagined either. I think I put too much pressure on myself to have  the perfect feed which I’m sure many of us are guilty of the same expectation.

I started this blog as a place to talk about mental health, gaming, traveling and to just  be myself. To talk about the things I couldn’t talk about on hazearella anymore cause it turned into this beauty/candle blog. And I told myself I wouldn’t try to be perfect here. Yet, here I am. Expecting exactly that!

In the last two years though I have opened up about things I never really got the chance to talk about especially regarding my past and things I still need to face and come to terms with. In the last two years I’ve also made this into a DOT COM blog and sort of decided on a slightly new direction for it.

It’s hard to not incorporate my mom stuff here sometimes just because I have a different blog for that; but also because I AM a stay at home mom so most of the things I want to talk about on a day to day basis are about motherhood or just about the baby. I try to slip in a post here and there, just so she has some sort of something here but I try not to do it too often.

So what do I hope to accomplish in the next year or so here?

→ Come up with a posting schedule
Post more “useful” blog posts
Change the template
Post more on Instagram
Network more
→ Post regularly on Pinterest
→ Post daily on Twitter

I want to talk more about gaming; but I didn’t end up getting the Animal Crossing Switch, I opted to wait for the pink Switch Lite instead. I’m not sure if I regret that or not. But the AC Switch was impossible to find and I didn’t want to stress myself out with feeling like a failure if I didn’t get one. The game isn’t going anywhere, I’ll be able to join everyone in a week or two. It’s no big deal, really.

I do want to think of other games I’d like to get for the Switch as well. Though I imagine it’ll be hard to play on it with Tums constantly wanting whatever I’m playing with. But we’ll see, I guess.

I also might start talking about Funko Pops more here. As a semi fandom blog I feel like it’s just fitting. Plus most of my Funko’s are either bookish related or Disney. That’s another thing, I want to start talking about books here as well. I know I have readarella but it’s getting hard to maintain several blogs at a time so I figured this year I would combine a few.

Here’s to another productive 2+ years!

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