Fuck The Flu;

This week has been awful.

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Bubba got the flu last Saturday and he passed it to Tums who then passed it to me. Bubba seemed to get over it the quickest at like 2 days. Tums took about maybe 3 days and I’m  still sick a week later. I’m starting to feel a little more like myself every day; minus the dizziness and not being very hungry.

But at least the fevers for me only lasted about 2 days. Every time I ate I felt like throwing up and the dizziness came around day 4 and still hasn’t left. It’s not like super extreme or anything but enough to be annoying. I’ve been trying to get as much rest and sleep as I can (something that’s hard to do with a baby who can’t self soothe yet) and forcing myself to eat. I’m awful when it comes to liquids mainly because I HATE water but I’ve been trying to drink juice and eat more soup, at least.

Getting the flu always feels like you don’t remember what feeling  well feels like lmao, it’s so weird. And it definitely puts you in the I’ll-be-better-with-my-health plea to the universe.

So, here’s how I plan to be better at being healthy;

→ Make it a point to incorporate veggies into  every meal.
→ Make it a habit to eat fresh fruit twice a day.
→ Stay on top of taking multivitamins + elderberry.
→ Cut back on bad fast foods.
→ Eat more salads.
→ Attempt to make a homemade meal at least 1-2 times a week.
→ M E D I T A T E
→ Get back into the habit of morning and night time Yoga stretching.
→ Get back in the habit of lighting candles on a regular basis.
→ Tidy, Sort and Purge things that I don’t need.
Attempt to drink water at least once a day (pray for me yall).
→ Try to drink more juice and less soda.
→ I would like to start exercising again but with watching a toddler, idk. 

And the usual cleaning things I already do: wipe down doorknobs, faucets, table tops, etc.

The problem isn’t that I wasn’t  doing what they say to do. It’s that somehow Bubba got sick and he passed it around. No amount of hand washing or disinfecting can prevent someone  transferring the flu to you. And poor Tums doesn’t have a great immune system yet so her ability to fight the flu was not a good one to begin with.

On the upside at least we got sick now and no the week of her birthday. The most I can do now is make sure we’re more cautious and mindful of what we’re doing and not doing and who’s around us.

With the panic buying going around it doesn’t help me (or I assume anyone with OCD) feel any better or safer. The most I can do is manage my anxiety and worries the best I can and tell myself the craze can’t last forever and everything will be fine. I still have supplies to last me awhile and Bubba’s mom had found some extra’s as well. Let’s just hope it’s enough to last me until this is all over. I skipped grocery shopping this weekend because I didn’t want to go to the store and find everything wiped out, that would just put me in a panic.

What are some things you guys are doing to stay healthy and flu free? How do you feel about the panic buying that’s going around?


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