Recap 2020; Feb

I feel like Feb might had been longer than Jan this year. I have no idea why. But I made a lot of changes and jumped into a lot of things in Feb that I’m pretty surprised at myself of. I’m still trying to remember who I am as a person (damn you postpartum depression) and trying to re-find my footing and balance. Of course with a damn near one year old (WHERE DID THE YEAR GO) it’s a little more challenging than I’d like.


I still have 2 epsiodes left of The Good Place and tbh I’ve been sort of avoiding it because the show is just SO good and I don’t want it to end yet! This cast is seriously amazing!

I have a few episodes left of Baby Daddy which I’ve really been enjoying even though I feel like everyone except for Riley is a sex crazed psycho. But that Ben… whoo. He’s cute.

I started Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist after getting a million freakin ads and them mentioning me on Twitter?! But tbh I’m OBSESSED with this show! It’s like Glee, but for adults. It’s amazing. And it deals with father types of loss and it’s totally hitting home for me, in a very very therapeutic way.

I accidently started Grown-ish which has been in my queue for a few years now I think? Lol. I should probably just give in and watch it. I’ve only seen the first episode so far but it’s pretty relatable.

Tums and I watched Mary and the Witch Flower well I finally finished it. And it was… eh. I wasn’t that impressed with it. I may write a review of it here or on my book blog readarella. I really need to start posting there again!


I started several books but only finished one. I know. Not the best reading month for me!

I had started Finding Dorothy as well as The House of Salt and Sorrows and Tangled in Time but I didn’t get passed 10% on any of those in Feb.

2020-03-01 19.50.31

I did finish a graphic novel which is surprising since they make my eyes cross and give me headaches. But this one was easy enough to read and I’m glad I read it. Bubba has been telling me I’d like Raven from Teen Titans for awhile but I’m not much of a DC fan as I was when I was a kid so I’m like eh. But this read was super interesting. I wish it had read more like a novel though, I wanted more backstory! I might continue this series… I don’t know yet. I know I wanted to read the other DC novel series that came out but I never got around to that one.

Why doesn’t Marvel have one of these out?!

I finished Raven by Kami Garcia which I borrowed from the elibrary. Which reminds me, I have to renew my library card.


→ Wow, this was a lot. I won’t talk about new food places we tried just yet but I  did book a Disney World vacation in May. Bubba was pretty upset the day I did it but hey, 2020 isn’t for waiting around and if I want to go home to Florida,  then I will. I’ve sat here in TX for 3 years waiting to go back to Disney and I’m just tired of waiting. And waiting isn’t my thing anyway. If I want to  go somewhere, I usually GO. And I’m being reminded that that’s who  I am.

Booked Tum’s birthday weekend staycation.

Booked my birthday weekend in Vegas that I am SUPER FUCKIN EXCITED ABOUT. It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve been to Vegas and I use to go every other year for my birthday since I turned like 20. So it’s been AWHILE. I’ve heard a lot has changed and Serendipity sadly closed down. But I’m excited to see what’s new!

I turned places + peonies into a .com! I was going back and forth about it for awhile — the one I really wanted to do was the business one but it was $300 so I just opted for the $100 for now instead. My BFF suggested maybe I should get my page views up and profitable before I invest that much into it. She’s got a point!

I’ve been working harder on building my Pinterest accounts both for this and my mama blog account. So far it’s been.. a process. I’ve always loved the idea of creating and targeting your own ads and how it works. Probably why I majored in Social Media and Marketing in college, right?! This stuff is just SO interesting to me! And I’m having fun learning about Pinterest and all its possibilities! Like really, all these years I spent pinning recipes I’d hope to try and party ideas and I never knew there was a whole different side to it all!

I got bookshelves for the room, finally. The idea didn’t pan out  exactly how I wanted but I’m working on it. I also added a new plant to my room. I’m going to be adding another hopefully this month. I just haven’t 100% decided which one.

I joined ItWorks! I have no idea what I’m doing but hey, here we are. Again.

We got a new car, FINALLY! Bubba got a 2016 Nissan Rouge. Which is really nice. It only had one previous owner. I’m happy we finally got a family car and something that’s safer for Tums.

I finally cut my hair. I’m currently struggling with my bangs, since they’re freshly cut they’re in that “awkward” phase right now.


I wanted to try rabbit dumplings so we went back to Dragon House and they told me they completely took them off the menu! So we tried a few more soup dumplings instead.

Twigs American Kitchen
Twigs American Kitchen

We tried Twigs American Kitchen for our anniversary brunch and it was okay. The service was horrible tbh. And two tables who were seated after us not only got their orders taken before we did but their food came out way faster than ours did.

Cherry Coca Cola Energy
Cherry Coca Cola Energy

I gave the new Coca Cola Cherry Energy drink a try and it was… different. I didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it. It had a really strong tea after taste. Which is weird. And different. But it was okay.

2020-02-25 23.01.17-2

Tums finally ate a mango. This Filipino mama’s heart is so happy!

2020-03-01 10.45.41-1

Tums also had her first Sprinkles cupcake: a Sprinkles Mini. She seemed very excited about it lol. But she made a HUGE MESS lol. Her smash cake photos are gonna suck to clean up. I’m still trying not to cringe at the whole messes that babies make when they eat thing. It’s a struggle for someone with OCD. Seriously. I think I spend more time cleaning her up then feeding her when I do feed her. Ugh. I’m sorry Tums.

Trader Joe's Crunchy Slaw salad

I’ve been trying a few new things at Trader Joe’s and I came across this salad! Trader Joe’s Crunchy Slaw salad! If you love peanut sauce then this salad is for you. They also have a Southwestern BBQ Salad I really like, I just forgot to snap a photo of it before eating all mine!

I feel like I’m missing some other highlights of the month but that’s all I can think of for now. Besides only reading 1 book in Feb I think I did pretty well in Feb as far as trying to reconnect with myself and work on my goals.

How was your Feb? Did you find a new favorite or achieve something on your list? I’d love to know!

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