Hello 2020 ✨

I didn’t get to post all my recap posts I had hoped to before 2019 ended, so I’ll spread them out through January instead.


This is my 5th year doing {onelittleword} and this year I’m focusing on WELLNESS.

2019 was rough and shitty. I lost a lot of my sense of self and had the hardest time pulling myself out hell I still haven’t pulled myself completely out yet!

In 2020 I want to go back to my roots, to do any and everything that makes me feel like me, completely. I want to start standing up for myself more cause tbh if you don’t make your boundaries clear, how will anyone else know what they are?

I want to work on being so confident in myself and knowing who I am that no one can ever make me question myself or have the ability to make me feel less than I am ever again. No matter who they are.

I want to work towards my 3 year plan, every single day.

I want to finish school and research things I love again for fun.

I want to work on being more organized, being financially healthy, being on top of my bills and eliminating more debt. I want to purchase with purpose this year.

I plan to cook more and eat healthier; getting sick having it snatch my whole December sucked so much and I feel like I missed out on a lot of Christmas things.

I want to travel 3 times this year. To make up for the 3 years of being stuck in Texas (it’s literally draining my soul, not kidding).

I want to start creating more Disney content here and on my IG. Just because I don’t have access to the parks like I use to doesn’t mean I can’t still create Disney content! It’s just gonna force me to be more… creative.

Speaking of here, I also want to create a space about postpartum depression because I feel like it’s not being talked about enough and it was a big part of my 2019.

I’m hoping to do one big act of self care a month; I’m planning the first to be dying my hair again. Other examples are a day dedicated to food, getting a facial, getting a massage, going shopping mindfully.

I’m also planning on learning Spanish as well as hoping to speak more Tagalog around Tums, that’s gonna be a harder habit to get into. But I absolutely want her to grow up learning the language as well. Being trilingual I think has made a big impact on my want for learning.

Smaller goals are do project pan yes, really this time! And read 20 books. Last year I only read 6; this year I may go back to dedicating an hour a day to reading, like I use to. In addition to that write reviews like I use to!

I’m hoping for a more steady, successful and if anything HEALTHY 2020. We can’t control other people’s actions or how they treat us but we can control how we feel and respond to them. With that in mind:

How someone treats you is a reflection of how they feel about themselves and has nothing to do with you.

I will try to keep that thought with me throughout the year to remind me that I know who I am, they don’t. So whatever they say about me isn’t true, just a deflection of how they feel about themselves.

I’m also starting a new blog and YouTube channel this year based around motherhood (minus the postpartum and mental part) and cooking. When I figure out where to host that blog, I’ll be sure to share it here or on Twitter and IG!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful 2020 ✨.

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  1. These are some great goals to have for 2020!! Being financially set is great and can impact the rest of your life. Feel more in control and organised! Good luck with finishing school! Thank you for sharing and good luck again with your goals!

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